Procreate for pc – Windows 7/8/10 – Download Now (Latest)

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Procreate is a sketch drawing app to make a digital painting on Ipads and Apple phones. the app is not available for free. you can buy this tool for 10$ from the apple store. Procreate is not available for Windows computers and Android smartphones.  but if you want this app for on your windows pc then I will share a method about procreate for pc. so stay attached with this post. before digging this topic lets me share my experience with this app.


It is very hard to draw sketches on paper. you must have different colors, brushes, and other equipment. also sometimes we made a mistake while creating the art and waste our time. again we have to start with a new paper. because physical work can’t be fixed correctly. so it’s very hard to draw the perfect art. Apple decided to solve this problem and they launch the procreate app. This app is really helpful for professional artists. Now they can complete the project in no time.  also able to create anything on the tab with so many effects.  Where you can paint any drawing with 136+ brushes with all types of colors.

This app also integrates with apple pencil to create any drawing faster. Create a perfect piece with an awesome filter collection like Blue, Noise, Glitch, Chromatic Aberration, and more. You feel like a pro artist with all powers of editing for perfect finishing. The app provides a color gradient to make creative pieces with different combinations. Procreate also comes with screen recording features to share your live work on social media. it also gives you the ability to customize the dashboard to make an easier drawing. after creating the sketch you can save it as a jpeg, png also out as a photoshop file.

Procreate for pc Features

  • Apple Pencil Integration – The app is also compatible with apple pencil to draw faster and accurately selecting for drawing. make fully customizable paint that you want with gorgeous effects.
  • Filters – Various filters are available with adjustments in the new version to change the look of your art
  • Simple and Dynamic – The dashboard is really modern and easy to control. you can customize all the tools with your desire.
  • Facepaint – Directly paint on your face image with live preview.
  • Layers– You can add multilayers to manage and navigate all your editings
  • Text Simplified – Provide Different types of text formats to write anything on your art. you can also write naturally on your tab it converts automatically on pre formate.
  • Snapping – You can crop any object and snap it on a different layer and set the bound box to your sketch

As I already notified you the procreator app is only designed for Mac ipads. but if you really want this tool for a Windows computer then you should have a touch screen device. because the app only supports touch screen devices.

Download Procreate for pc – Windows 7/8/10

The first thing we need is to install a virtual Mac Os system on a Windows computer. because procreate app only support the mac os system. You can install the Virtual Mac OS through VMware. the method is quite simple and lengthy. You can follow this guide Install Mac os on Windows to download Mac Os and install it on your Windows 7/8/10 pc.

After Successfully download you will see a screen like this.

Mac os on windows

you will see a screen similar to Mac OS operating system. Now Next Step is to log in with your Apple account. you are unable to download any apps without an Apple account.  Next, find the app store from the bottom docks bar.

type ‘Procreate’ app on the search bar and download the app. Once you download and installed it. after you can install the app. now you can draw the paint on your windows computer.  Successfully you have got Procreate for pc. after complete your work simply save your work and start it later to continue.


Can we download procreate on Windows?

Yes, you can’t use the procreate app directly on windows computers but you can easily install it through a virtual machine.

Is procreate better than Photoshop?

Procreate is sketch drawing and painting software while Photoshop is used for photo editing and graphics design. both work differently.

Is procreate easy for beginners?

Yes, you can also use it as a nooby. you have to first learn about all the tools after getting all the information you are able to create awesome sketches.

Pros and Cons


  • Create a digital paint and save paper
  • Make a sketch as you want with colors and brushes
  • Various Effects available
  • Multi-touch facility


  • It’s paid tool
  • Only available for Mac Ipads
  • Hanging issues
  • loading sometimes


Procreate is specially developed for Mac Users. it creates awesome sketches with different colors and brushes. You can use procreate for pc using Virtual Mac system. but your laptop screen should have a touch screen enabled. otherwise, you are not able to draw any paintings. hope you download the Procreate app on windows 7/8/10  pc. if you have still an issue you can comment on your problem. also you can put feedback on our post. if you love this article please share it on social media. it matters a lot to me.