6 Best iPhone apps for University students

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Nowadays students can learn the most things on the internet. In this digital world, a study has also become digital and smart. most the of resources available on the web. you can get it through computers or mobile devices. there are a lot of apps available which are really helpful for study. so today we decided to share the best iPhone app for university students. so students personalized these apps and make their study easy. let’s begin the article without wasting your time.


List of Best iPhone Apps for University Students

1.Evernote – Notes Organizer

Evernote save your all notes that are important for you. you can add your daily task and ideas to the to-do list. the app syncs all your notes to the cloud. you can access the all notes from any device anywhere. you can capture all information from the web If you might interesting.  you can add different types of files like pdf, photos, contacts, docs, audio, web clips, and many more. you can capture all the documents, notes, whiteboards using camera scanning. the app organizes all the notes, invoices, bills. Evernote provides a google calendar to remember the task. you can see related information on the iPhone homepage.

2. WPS Office

WPS Office is a complete office tool to manage all docs, presentations, excel files, word files, and pdf files. the app has 1 billion users worldwide. it fully compatible with Microsoft Office, adobe pdf files and google docs files. you can covert the docs file into a pdf file. you can use this app as pdf viewer. make the presentation, documents, and excel file from this app with all features. you can also make changes to existing files. you can also upload all the documents to google drive, one drive, dropbox, and Evernote to use it anytime.

3. Photomath

Photmath is the magic app to solve mathematics equations instantly. just capture an image of maths questions from the camera and get the right answer quickly. the app is really useful to learn maths, prepare for exams, and do homework. the app can solve basic arithmetic to advanced geometry problems. the app provides you full guide about how each step is solved. you can get every step full of visualization and highlight. so you can understand easily all the steps. we assure you that this app will make your math stronger and easy.

4. Quick Graph

Quick Graph is a graphing calculator to solve any mathematics issue. the app gives you 2D, 3D Graphs for your maths equations. the app can display explicit and implicit (opt) equations in 2D and 3D. you can get the graph cartesian, polar, spherical, and cylindrical with accurate results. the provide library for command equations. after generating the issue you can save it to the gallery. you can switch graph 2D to 3D.

5. BenchPrep

Benchprep offers a lot of courses for exam preparation. this is one of the best apps for college students. you can get material for GRE, GMAT, and the LSAT. you can make your study plan for your daily routine. the app provides previous exam papers, practice questions to prepare for the exam. you can create your profile and show your progress report. check your confidence level by giving practice exams.

6. Canvas Student

Canvas student app provides a virtual classroom to learn the subject. find out any course that you want to learn. you will get the opportunity to join a community or group for any topics. where you can discuss the topic. this is the best way to study online. View grades and course content from the dashboard. you can also receive tasks to complete with fix timeline. you can also submit your assignment. send and receive messages using this app. watch videos for any topics. you also receive notification for the course updates and new grades.

so we have discussed the 6 best iPhone apps for university students. I hope this article might help you. please give us feedback. it gives us the courage to write more articles.