5 Best sketch making apps for Android 2021

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Sharing a unique photo is really trending nowadays. Smartphones are replacements for Professional photographers.  many photograph lovers always try to do something new on their smartphones. There are so many apps available on the google play store to convert your photo into a beautiful image. among the app, sketch apps are one of the best tools to convert your apps into a sketch with just a click.

5 Best sketch making apps for Android

Today I am going to tell you about the Best Sketch-making app for android smartphones, so without wasting your time let’s start the countdown.

1. Cartoon Yourself

Cartoon Yourself is the best simple and easy photo editor app for smartphones.  You can convert any image into a cartoon sketch within seconds. the sketch image will convert in black and white color. it looks realistic and professional sketch. Cartoon Yourself is really easy to use. Just select the photo from the gallery and add it to convert the images. after successful transformation, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.  The app is available on the google play store.

2. Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Photo Editor is one of the best sketch apps to convert any image into a cartoon image instantly. the image looks similar professional cartoon or sketch photo. you can also apply oil painting, pencil, cartoon effects, and a lot more. you can convert real-time photos from the camera. this feature is working front and back on both sides. After transformation, you can save the photo with one click. Share it with your friends directly from the app.

3. Avatoon: Avatar Creator, Cartoon Face, Emoji Maker

Avatoon is my personal favorite app. the app provides powerful editing to convert your photo into a cartoon character. the app turns images into cartoons same as a real look. you can also modify the expression to share your feelings. change the background and poses until the character design is completed. the app does not only provide the cartoon transformation service but you can also join games and win coins. make your hair, nose, clothes to fully customize for the perfect avatar. Avatoon also provides you sticker feature to create the sticker for your face.

4. Photo Sketch

Photo Sketch gives you an awesome pencil sketch and cartoon sketch of your photo. simply click a picture from the camera or import the photo from the gallery in the app to make a sketch image.  there are two options available black and white sketch or color sketch. the app provides the background colors, photo frames, stickers, and text editors. you can also rotate, move, crop the photo from the app. once you did the editing, you can share it on social media or print out the photo.

5. ToonApp

Create your image to cartoonist photo using this Toon app with one click. first, make the cartoon for yourself then select the body that you wish to join with your cartoon face. you can create a stunning vector using the drip effect and cartoon effect combination. prepare yourself for Instagram trending big head challenge. you can add the picture from the gallery or take a selfie to convert the image into a cartoonist. AI Cartoon Photo Editor gives you the ability to edit your photo like add text balloons with avatars. you can also add a background, apply a selfie camera effect dripping effect, portrait mode, and much more.

So this is the best sketch-making apps for Android to create sketches or cartoons from your face. we try to cover the top apps for you. I hope you like these apps. get in touch for new updates.