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Sometimes smartphones not working correctly. you might face errors like phone screen stuck, error while opening the app, sensor issue, communication problems anything. this could be a hardware problem. You can check the phone’s performance by testing hardware. it may help you to fix the issue. There are a lot of android apps available on the google play store to test hardware performance. today I am going to share the best Phone Hardware Test App for Android. You can take look below list.


List of Phone Hardware Test App

1. Test Your Android

The apps provide you 30+ Hardware tests to check your phone performance. where you can check all hardware to find the issue on your phone. Check your phone speaker with the sound test. you can check the touch screen test, multi-touch screen test, GPS Test, GPS test, Finger Print test, and other tests. All you can check is the real-time CPU usage, memory usage, and network usage. the app show all hardware information.

2. Phone Doctor Plus

If you are planning to buy a used phone then this is the best app to check the phone performance with 40+ Hardware tests to know the problem. you can check all the phone information and condition through the Phone doctor plus app. it provides the battery, storage, hardware information in few minutes. You can know the battery lifeline by battery capacity. the app shows the complete detail about network usage.

3. Device Info

The phone info app is a really simple app to check the phone information with the various tests. you can recognize the phone problem and optimize the performance. the app gives your complete information with a graph. you can check Memory, Network Information, Phone system, Battery, device information, Display, Sensors, and many more. the app is available with a dark theme and customizes the theme to change the layout.

4. CPU X

CPUX is also used to check the real-time status of your device. the app shows the detail of the Processor, RAM, Sensor, etc. you can know the complete phone specification from the app. Check your Upload and download speed from the status bar. it the battery temperature information and electric current information with milliampere. stay updated with the latest technology and news articles. there are also other tools available to like Ruler, compass, Bubble Level, and Emergency signal.

5. DevCheck

DevChek Show the Real-time phone information in a detailed report. it also shows the app list with memory usage information. the app shows the battery health with capacity, voltage information. you can also check the hardware information and network information through the dev check app. all the information is accurate and organize with a graph.

6. Droid Hardware Info

Droid Hardware Info has 1 Million plus downloads on the google play store. it a simple app that shows phone information with detailed reports about the device, memory, camera, thermal, battery, and sensor. the app is really easy to use and lightweight. the app interface is really simple.

7. My Device

My device was designed with a beautiful theme to present all essential information to check the phone quality. there are different tests available to check phone quality. you can check the battery, Device, Thermal, Drivers,  Sensors, Memory information with one click.

So These are the Top 7 Phone Hardware test App for your phone. you must use it while you are buying a new or used the phone to check the quality. I hope it may help you to get the device information. If this post helped you then please share with your friend and family. it encourages me to write more articles.