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Bypass Surveys

Today I am going to teach you to direct download any stuff without any human verification or bypass surveys. A human verification or studies usually come up when you try to get free stuff like kind of free money for your favourite games or some of the hack version or cheat and whatever. There are many sites show you survey before download any files. They force you to fill out a survey to download files or software.

All files are locked in surveys. You need to fill out all the information before going original link destination. But the thing is that its take too much time. Sometime you can’t get a download link for the file. They asked email and phone no for surveys. There are many sites uses your mail and telephone for spam. Generally, most places are fake. Reality is that you can ‘t get any free software when you to fill all surveys.

If you want to save time through bypass surveys, I am going to share best all possible method to bypass any online reviews. You need to follow all steps for the bypass surveys that I explained in detail. So let’s begin way.

Download miracast for windows 7

How to bypass surveys

bypass surveys is the most popular site to bypass surveys. this website easily bypasses surveys without and problem. this is a malware-free and spam-protected website. it removes most of the surveys only using links. you don’t’ need to watch any ads and popup. it the best survey bypass tool.

  • open website in the web browser
  • copy that link which you want to bypass surveys to get the original link
  • past link in
  •  Click on go

the script will automatically run and after a couple of seconds, you will get an original link for download files.

2.  Bypass survey by disabling javascript

you can easily bypass online surveys by disabling javascript.

Disable Javascript in Firefox browser

  • Open Firefox browser and type about: config in the address bar press enter
  • next, click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!”


bypass surveys through java script

  • Type “Javascript” in the URL bar and you will see javascript. enabled in preference.
  • Right-click on javascript. enabled and select “Toggle.”  the status should change to “user set” and now the preference should become emboldened.

bypass survey 2

  • Close the about:config tab

Disable Javascript in Google Chrome

  • GO to the settings tab
  • click on Content setting

bypass survey 3

  • Click on Do not allow any site to use JavaScriptbypass survey 4After Bypassing survey, Enable JavaScript in Google Chrome Browser