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We carry smartphones always with us for whole days. the Phone contains every personal information, bank account information, Contact information, and other accounts. nowadays there are so many cases happens related to phones theft. in case if your phone is stolen or lost we are so worried about the misuse of our information. it’s necessary to keep your phone safe. you can keep your phone secure by installing the safety apps. there are so many apps available to prevent stolen or lost incidents. here I am going to share the best Find my Phone apps for android devices. using these apps you can quickly track your phone location. so let’s begin the post.


List of Find My Phone Apps for Android

1 Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Life 360 app tracks live location for your family members and friends. you can make the group for your family and check the live location of any members. get the alert when the person reached the destination. this app also helps your recover stolen lost phone. you can also chat with the connected members. you need to simply send the joining request to other members. once they accept the request you can see them on the map. also, they are able to track your location.

This is the best way to take care of our members. live chat helps you to follow up with all person’s safety. All members see live GPS locations for road maps. once a person reached the destination other family members get a notification on their device.

2. Google Find My Device

This is one of the best apps to track your phone location. if your phone is lost, you can know the right destination of your phone position. until you get your phone you can local the device. You can also play alert sound at high volume even if your phone is in silent mode. it is also able to track your smartwatch and laptop location. you can add multiple devices to one account. Google Find My Device is a really easy-to-use app. you can also delete everything from the phone with a simple one click.

3. Prey Anti Theft

Prey improved the awesome tracking system with 10 years of experience. there are so many unique features available to trace the location. Set the boundaries for specific areas on the map. when the user crosses the exit point, the app quickly sends an alert message. You can track the suspicious movement alert quickly using this GPS track system. you can check location history to verify the movement. You can set an alert when the device is out of range from a specific area. you can play a sound or turn off the screen with a passcode, display an alert message, etc.

Gps tracking is a very good feature to find the phone easily. the app captures all active wifi connections to track accurately. you can know the mac address and IP address for your device. the app tries to capture a surrounding picture using the camera. you can delete everything on the phone using remote access. you are able to encrypt all information until you recover the device.

4. Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker has 50 million users worldwide. This app gives your accurate location using GPS location and cell tracking. this is one of the best apps to track every activity of your kids. it automatically update the current location without refreshing. you can receive every minute updates of your family members. it works with every mobile operator.  you can find the accurate locations through pinpoints on the map.

5. iSharing

iSharing app is specially designed to take care of family members through tracking live location. know the real-time location of every member on a private map. Receive an instant alert when the person leaves the place. chat with every group member using the chatting option. get the alert when your member is surrounding nearby you. shake the phone if you have an emergency. it sends panic notifications to other members. send voice messages through the app.

So there are the best Find My Phone Apps For Android. I hope these apps are helpful to you. if you like this post please share it with your family members.