Top 6 File sharing apps for Android – No Limitation

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Sharing through Bluetooth is a very slow process to Transfer any file from a smartphone to another device. These days, the android system is updated with a lot of advanced technology to complete any task in few minutes. There are a lot of apps are designed to make file transfer easily and fast. Today I am going to share the best file sharing apps for android. so let’s digging the top 5 apps to transfer files.


List of Top 6 File sharing apps for Android


ShareMe is the best File sharing app to transfer any file from one device to another device using local wifi. transfer music, photos, videos, and other files instantly from old phone to new phone. You can transfer any files without using mobile data. the apps give your ability to transfer unlimited without any limitation. if the transfer process stops or is corrupted it will automatically resume. the app is really simple and easy to use. Most all android phones support this app.

2. Zapya

Zapya is one of the best apps to transfer files with cross-platform devices. you can share images, videos, music, documents, etc, easily and fast from your smartphone to any smartphone using zapya. you can share file files between Android, iOS, and laptop devices. Zapya app also sends any files to multiple devices at once. the transfer speed is 200 faster than Bluetooth. it does not consume any mobile data while transferring. you can create a group by sending invite links to your nearby people. also, you can backup all the apps and media from your old phone and move them to a new phone.

3. InShare

Inshare is another file-sharing platform to share audio, pdf, videos, and apps with your friends with lightning speed. this app is also able to share any file cross-platform. send the large files with 40Mbps speed. send unlimited all types of files with any issue. this app also helps you to clone your old mobile. InShare supports all android phones. transfer the files between Android, iOs, Windows, Mac, and Jio Phone. you can transfer any files without any limit. you can simply connect any nearby device with an easy connecting process.

4. JioSwitch

JioSwitch is a simple app to transfer any files to another smartphone. you can transfer media android to iOs mobile devices. Migrate all files with reliable and stable speed. share all media such as music, apps, games, videos, etc, with any limitation. Instantly paired with other devices using wifi connection. once you successfully connect with another device you can send any file quickly.

5. XShare

Send files anywhere with ultimate speed using Xshare. the app is usable without any internet connection. Transfer large files in few minutes without any restrictions. the app provides a secure connection for the file transfer process. You can connect any device through one tap. the app provides a file manager to share the photos, music, videos share directly from the app.

6. Send Anywhere

This App sends files quickly with full security. You can send all media files easily without losing any original media. it encrypts the data while transferring to another device. you need to enter 6 digit code to paired any smartphone to another device. this app is only working for android smartphones. Share the file with multiple files at once using link generation.

So these are the 6 best File sharing apps for android smartphones. I hope these apps might help you. if you want similar type apps-related articles. you can comment on your suggestion. we will try to provide the best post for you. Share it with your friend and family!