How to Calibrate Gaming Mouse?

This article will help you to understand “How to Calibrate Gaming Mouse“.  It is really confusing how to calibrate a gaming mouse correctly?  Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you get the most out of your gaming hardware.

The gaming mouse is becoming the need of every player whether you are a starter or pro because it is the most important weapon while playing games on your desktop or on the laptop. The gaming mouse comes with multiple features to make you feel comfortable during playing games. It doesn’t matter that you are playing long or short gaming sessions.

You should know that each mouse has its own way of calibrating, but you can do this one way to a lot of the mice out there. Let’s get started on how to calibrate your mouse. The first thing you need is a good mouse. Before you start to adjust your mouse settings in Windows, you must first calibrate the mouse. That is the first and prior thing you need to do before start playing long or short gaming sessions. Without that, your mouse will not be able to function properly and you won’t be able to adjust its settings.

If you have recently started playing video games, or have just recently bought a new mouse for your computer, you’ll probably be interested in calibrating it. Calibrating your mouse is an essential task is determining the accuracy of your cursor and your mouse movements within the game. For example, in a FPS (First Person Shooter game), (ie: Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Battlefield), there are tiny details on the map that you need to be able to aim at and shoot. In order to aim at them, you must be able to control your movements to the finest accuracy.

1.  How to Calibrate Your Mouse?

The first and most important thing is that you must have a good mouse before you start calibrating your mouse. Calibrating a mouse is a process of adjusting its buttons and scroll wheel on your computer to help improve accuracy and efficiency in navigating your computer system. Most computer systems come with built-in mouse drivers that allow you to calibrate your mouse. Here are two methods of calibrating your mouse:

Calibrating Your Mouse in Windows:

  • Click on the Start button in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  • Type “mouse” in the search box, and select “Mouse” from the search results.
  • Click the “Calibrate” button.
  • Click on the “Left mouse button” again to end the mouse calibration.

The most common mistake people do is to buy a mouse without knowing how to calibrate it. Have you ever wondered why some people’s mouse is so sensitive while others have no sensitivity? It’s simply because they don’t know how to calibrate the mouse. Calibrating a mouse is a very simple task and it takes less than 2 minutes to accomplish the task. First, the mouse should be connected to the system. The best way to do this is to connect it to the USB port. Once the mouse is connected, you can start calibrating it. So when you are going to get a new mouse, it is making sure to follow the below-given detail:

Programmable Buttons:

How to Calibrate Gaming Mouse

There are varieties of gaming mice that are easily available in the market and each mouse comes with different features and advantages to gamers. When choosing or buying a gaming mouse keep in mind what kind of game you play or want to play with your gaming mouse.

If you are an FPS (First person shooting)/shooting game fan, choose for simple gaming mouse with two to three programmable buttons because you need speed and flexibility during the sessions of the game so simple is superior. But, if you love to play MOBAs or MMOs, you will need to have a mouse with multiple programmable buttons because these would help you to execute your combos of assistants and items and help to conquer the arena.


How to Calibrate Gaming Mouse

While purchasing a mouse, make ensure that the mouse you are buying feels good to grip because it will spend a lot of time in your hands. You will also have to confirm a sense of whether all of the programmable buttons are easily reachable by your fingers, and there is sufficient space to distinguish each one. The last thing you would want to consider with your calibrated mouse is a miss-click while playing a close fight.

Customizable Software:

If you surely want to play games like a pro-gamer, there is nothing wrong with investing in the right tools for games to get maximum satisfaction. Pick to purchase conventional and well-known brands instead of unbranded gaming mice because these proven brands have software where you can calibrate your mouse. Now, when you have the right tool for your concern job, let us discuss how to calibrate your mouse like a pro-gamer, so it is a higher probability to win more games and conquer the battle.

2. Fix Your Windows Default Settings:

The prior thing you need to do before starting using your mouse is to calibrate the mouse changes of your mouse default Windows settings. This is because your PC default settings are for routine browsing. So, as good as they are when you are using it to scan over text on your regular browser, it is not ideal for gaming purposes. Where to change your Windows mouse default settings:

  1. Open your Control Panel
  2. Click on Mouse
  3. Go to Pointer Options

Setting-1: Pointer’s Speed:

In the motion category, you will find a slider option named “Select pointer speed”. These settings permit you to control how far your mouse pointer moves when you move your mouse. By default, this option is on the 6th number and that is the best setting because it puts your mouse on 100% accuracy. Increasing this would enhance your cursor’s speed and as well as decrease your mouse’s pixel accuracy –something that we don’t want.

Setting-2: Enhance Pointer Precision:

Below the slider, you will find a tick box named “enhance pointer precision”. This can also be known as “Mouse Acceleration”. This function relates the movement of your pointer to the speed of your hand’s movement. In short, by moving your mouse sharply, your pointer would move faster and cover a large distance. This setting would create a lot of difference in your purpose because it tracks with your hand’s speed.

This means that in intense conditions when you are required to react rapidly and hit exactly, your mouse would not have the ability to correctly aim your cursor at your enemy. On the other hand, having this setting unchecked would give you more particular actions because your pointer would match your hand’s movement point to point. This synchronization and consistency between your hand and your pointer would confirm better in-game aiming accuracy.

This provides you a benefit because when you play long gaming sessions you will get more trained and it will also help you to attain maximum accuracy to aim your enemy at the exact time and exact location. Additionally, you won’t have any discrepancy with your targeting because it follows your hand’s mechanism. So, if you fail, you cannot blame your mouse. Now that we have fixed your default windows settings, it’s time to calibrate your mouse software.

Calibrating Mouse’s Software:

After confirming that your Windows default mouse settings won’t affect your game, so now it is time to calibrate your mouse software. Besides the basic calibration, Windows settings have your mouse software would give you more advanced calibration options that would help you to play games better and more efficiently. The two major settings that we will tackle in this article are the dots per inch (DPI) and the polling rate. Both setting have the most vital impact on your games, that’s why it is really important to discuss them in-depth.

3. What is DPI?

How to Calibrate Gaming Mouse

In short DPI (Dots per inches) is the volume of your mouse sensitivity. It reflects how far your cursor moves each time whenever your mouse moves. If your mouse has a higher DPI, it means your mouse would move faster. If you remember, we had already briefed the mouse pointer’s speed when we detailed you about your Windows default settings. There, we educated you to keep the pointer speed in the mid of the scale, so that you can adopt its accuracy.

Maintaining your mouse’s DPI by using its software instead of windows default settings would confirm that you are not losing pixel accuracy while aiming at your enemy. Trail with your mouse’s DPI instead of mouse pointer speed could be like the difference between a game-winning headshot and a frustrating miss.

What DPI should I choose? 

There is no single DPI setting that would allow you to play like the pros because there are a lot of analyses that you need to adopt when choosing DPI. Some of the conventional points are given below when choosing your DPI are the following:

Your Body:

Your hand would indicate how a great distance your pointer travels every time you move your mouse. If you are on the weaker side, you might be more successful from a higher DPI so you won’t have to move your hands a bit to cover more surface.

Your skill level:

If you are a new gamer and you are still training with your hand-eye, it’s quite better to start with a lower DPI setting. This would help you have good control over your mouse pointer. Likely, the slower movement of your mouse would help you get used to aiming for your enemies perfectly. Once your procedure and coordination improve, increase your DPI as per your need. This would surely help you react faster and efficiently once you are playing at a higher level.

You’re Expertise:

Some people are gifted with fast reactions, while others are not. Adjusting your DPI would help you to use less natural skills. If you find yourself slower to react and aim, having a higher DPI might reward your slow actions because it will help your pointer to cover more surfaces at a short time range.

Your Monitor:

Another thing that you need to consider is how big your monitor or screen is. If you are playing on a 15 inches laptop, it’s good to keep your DPI on the lower end of the scale. This would surely help you to lose track of your mouse on a smaller screen.

Your Game:

MOBAs and Shooting and a lot of other games are needed different mouse settings. Naturally, MOBAs need your mouse to move faster and faster because you are using it to track the movements of your character. Furthermore, since you have a bigger hitting area to target your enemies, you will need a smaller amount of accuracy.

Besides this shooter games are needed for you to have a slower DPI because you will need to be more precise with your shots. Slower DPIs will give you more tracking over your aim. This is why some new gaming mouse has a sniper mode setting, which extremely decreases the mouse’s DPI to help you aim at your targets more accurately.

While choosing your DPI, our guidance is for you to keep on testing which DPI will fit most comfortably with. You can always change DPI depending on your mood and you’re playing style. It is more important to find your comfort level.

4. Polling Rate:

Your mouse’s polling rate is the speed and amount of data sent to your computer. The superior your polling rate, the less delay you will have between your movements, actions, and the corresponding reactions of your mouse pointer. There is not much modification to this setting. The rule of thumb is to use the maximum polling rate available to your device.

The only reason you should try to trial your polling rate is when you have an out-of-date computer. This is because your computer processor might not be able to handle the data being communicated to it, causing your computer to lag. Now that you have configured your mouse’s software, you are in a phase to jump into the game to squeeze it. But before you jump into the lobby and look for a match to try your new setting, start with a practice game first and then do some final calibrations and testing for your gaming mouse.

5. How to Calibrate Gaming Mouse?

As we described earlier, every game would have its own different calibration requirements. This is because of the different dynamics, mechanisms, and interconnections inside the game. So, before you start playing, make sure to calibrate your in-game settings appropriately. In spite the fact of that there are a lot of in-game calibrate options to b configured, here below we have described some of the most common and important ones and how can you configure them.

Mouse Acceleration (OFF):

As we already discussed in the Windows default settings, your mouse acceleration should at turned off mode at all times because it would create a lot of variance in your aiming, hitting, and cursor movement. 

Raw Input (ON):

Most of the games come with an option to enable/disable the raw input setting. Enabled option means your game would be carried your mouse’s default movements. If your mouse acceleration is enabled on Windows mouse settings, it will revoke it. This setting gives you better aim, action, and control because the game matches your cursor’s movements with your hand’s movement perfectly.

Mouse Sensitivity:

The mouse sensitivity means how much your cursor moves for every inch your mouse travel. Higher mouse sensitivity means quick movement. For FPS/Shooting Games, your mouse sensitivity would indicate how fast your character’s vision moves around and how quickly you can aim at your enemy. When your mouse sensitivity is higher, your character acts faster as well. And if you are a beginner, this can make aiming at the enemy a very hard task.

Our advice is to keep your in-game mouse sensitivity on a low scale since you have already adjusted your mouse’s DPI to your consideration. This would make the game less difficult while giving you more control. Since MOBA & RPG is a top-reviewed game, having a higher sensitivity would be highly helpful specifically if you need to constantly check on your teammates on other lanes. Though, it is still advised not to set your in-game sensitivity to the highest level because it makes it so easy to lose your control over the screen.

Scope Sensitivity:

Some of the games permit you to change your scope sensitivity as well. This gives you more vital control over how much your scope is & crosshairs turn when you are in sniping mode in the game. Changing this setting allows you to be a good sniper in-game. Our guidance is to keep your sensitivity lower specifically if you prefer to camp. This enables you to perfectly target your shots well since you have the courage of surprised by your side.


We are hoping that this would help make the changes not too devastating for you. Because based on knowledge, jumping to pro settings instantly would cause you to lose a lot of games. The first prior thing you required before starting calibrating your gaming mouse is to have a perfect mouse. To summarize, here is what you should keep in mind when calibrating your mouse. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact us anytime. Thank you for reading this article; we are always enthusiastic when one of our posts is able to provide valuable information on a topic like this! The best bit about having a gaming mouse is that it will work for different games.

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