How to Connect Naztech Wireless Earbuds?

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Are you wondering how to connect naztech wireless earbuds to your devices? Naztech Wireless earbuds have a noise-reduction Microphone that can swivel 180 degrees for use with either left or right ear Ergonomic design for all-day comfort with a special coating material. It protects against sweat and spills at the same time. They also have 2 sizes of ear gels (S and L) and a micro USB Charging Cable.

So, if you don’t know how to connect them, don’t fret in his post we will give you a complete guide on how to connect them, how to use them, how to turn them on and off, and how to check battery level. Then, let’s get started!

Connect Naztech Wireless Earbuds

To connect Naztech Wireless Earbuds follow the steps carefully.

  • First, make sure that the earbuds are fully charged and in the case.
  • Take out of the case they will automatically turn on and go into pairing mode. If they do not turn on or are not in pairing mode simply press and hold the power button on both earbuds for 3 seconds.
  • Then go to your device settings and enable Bluetooth.
  • Select Naztech Wireless Earbuds from the available list.
  • If the device prompts for a PIN Code enter 0000.
  • After that You will hear Device Connected confirming the
  • successful connection

Note: The earbuds will automatically connect to the last

paired Bluetooth audio device when you turn on them or take them out from the case.

How to power On and Off

Power On

There are 2 ways to power On the Naztech Wireless Earbuds.

  1. Remove the earbuds from the charging case. They will turn on automatically.
  2. Press and hold the power button on both earbuds at the same time for 5 seconds until you hear Power On.

Power Off

There are 2 ways to power Off the Naztech Wireless Earbuds.

  1. Place the earbuds in the charging case and close the lid. They will turn off automatically
  2. Press and hold the power button on the earbuds at the same time for 5 seconds until you hear Power Off.

Safety Instructions

  • Store earbuds in the case when not in use.
  • Do not store the device in a dead battery state. Battery cells may be damaged. Charge your earbuds case at least once every 3 months even when not in use.
  1. Do not store them at extreme temperatures. Store them below 40°F or above 90°F.
  2. The charging case is not waterproof. Do not submerge or expose to corrosive materials. Do not clean with harsh chemicals, soaps, or detergents.
  3. Recharge your charging case with the included USB-C charging cable or a certified 3rd party cable and a 2A charging adapter.
  4. Set the volume to a safe level if you hear a permanent.
  5. Do not attempt to modify, disassemble, or repair this product.

FAQS to Connect Naztech Wireless Earbuds

How to Control the Volume of the Headphones?

You can adjust the volume to a comfortable level by pressing the volume up + or volume down – buttons on your smartphone, tablet, or any other connected device.

How to Charge the Naztech Wireless Earbuds?

Charge your Naztech Wireless earbuds simply place their earbuds back into their charging case. Then, connect the charging case to a power source using the included USB cable. The charging process will begin automatically.

Does Naztech have a long battery Life?

Yes, the Naztech offers 5 hours of continuous audio playback time, which is quite impressive for wireless headphones. Additionally, with the charging case, it provides a total playback time of 25 hours.

Is the Naztech Wireless earbuds suitable for music enthusiasts?

Yes, the Naztech Wireless earbuds are specifically recommended for music usage.


In this article, we will give you a guide on how to connect Naztech Wireless Earbuds. Naztech Wireless earbuds are designed to connect to multiple devices. These useful devices are also water and sweat-resistant. If you want to connect your newly purchased earbuds to your devices then you can follow the above-mentioned process.

After connecting, these earbuds let you enjoy the fullest benefits. So that’s all you need to know How to connect Naztech Wireless Earbuds to your device. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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