How to Connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10?

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Are you in a fix about connecting Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10? You have purchased these earphones but you don’t know about to connect them to Windows 10. If, yes, then I’ll be the perfect place for you to get the best and easiest solution.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a PC, or a laptop with Windows 10, or 11, using macOS, connecting your Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10 will be very easiest for you after reading this article. So, let’s dive into details……..

Step-by-Step Method to Connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10

  • You have to follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guidelines to connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10:
  • First of all, you have to ensure that your power earphones are completely off.
  • Now, you have to Press and hold the power button on your Powerboats(exact time on both your Power Pro earphones) until the status lights begin to flash on your earphones. When you hold just for 5 seconds, then holding will activate the pairing mode on your powerbeats earphones.
  • Next, you have to Go to Windows 10 Bluetooth Settings, after activating the pairing mode. You can locate these Bluetooth settings below on the Taskbar. But if you can’t find settings on the Taskbar, then you can use Cortana to search Bluetooth Settings instead of finding it on the Taskbar.
  • After that, inside the Bluetooth settings, you have to click on the “Add another Bluetooth device” option and then you will choose your Powerbeats Pro earphones.
  • When you have to select the Bluetooth device, your Powerbeats Pro earphones will be paired successfully with Windows 10.
  • Remember that, if you weren’t able to get your Powerbeats Pro earphones in a functional Bluetooth device then you have to ensure that your pro earphones are still flashing or blinking, if the earphones stop flashing then you have to press the power button again just for 5 seconds and allow the pairing mode and repeat the procedure.

Reasons For Not Connecting Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10 and Their Fixes

If you are unable to connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10 then these below-mentioned reasons for that:

1. Outdated Bluetooth Drivers

One of the reasons is that you don’t normally retain your laptop or PC updated. It may be the reason why you are unable to connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10 with the laptop. Well, if you want that it will work perfectly you have to update your Bluetooth Drivers. In this regard, the best way to use it update the feature.

2. Not able to Connect With Bluetooth

  • If you can view your powerboats Pro earphones in Bluetooth devices but are unable to connect by clicking it, it must be because of one of the reasons that are given below:
  • Your device may be connected earlier with any other Windows or Mac laptop, so, to fix it, you have to disconnect it and then you have to try again.
  • One of the reasons is that you may be taking a long time to analyze or search for the device on Bluetooth. Well in this situation you have to try to do the procedure within 10-20 seconds by pressing the power button that is located on the powerbeats pro earphones.
  • One of the reasons may be that your powerbeats pro earphones weren’t charged properly so, to fix this issue you have to try to charge the earphones fully before starting to connect them with Windows 10.

A few issues with Powerboat firmware may be the reason for the problem, to fix the issue, you have to reset your phone passwords, and as you have reset them, you have to try connecting your earphones matter still you are unable to connect, you have to check that either the issue is with your laptop or with your Powerboat Pro earphones. So, you have to try to connect Powerbeats Pro earphones with any other device to check it.

FAQs Of Connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10

Is Powerbeats Pro Compatible With Windows 10 Laptops?

Yeah, Powerbeats Pro is fully consistent and compatible with any Android device and Windows laptop, and also with any Aid device. They are not apples entirely.

Is Powerbeats Pro Better than AirPods Pro?

According to reviews, the Powerbeats Pro is competently or better than AirPods Pro, in terms of sound quality, battery life, working out (running and gyming) & connectivity with Windows but if you are searching for functional noise revocation or an adequate microphone then go with AirPods pro.

How to Connect Powerbeats 3 with Windows 10 or 11?

The process to connect any Powerbeats earphone is identical whether it is Powerbeats Pro or Powerbeats 3, you only have to press the power button located on the earphones for 5-10 seconds until the LED indicator begins flashing and then you have to search for the device on the Windows laptop Bluetooth device settings.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find solutions. And now, you can connect Powerbeats to Windows 10. You just have to read the above-mentioned instructions carefully and follow the step-by-step guidelines, then you will be successful!

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