How to Connect Wii Controller to Switch Without Adapter?

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This article will show you how to Connect Wii Controller to Switch Without Adapter. Simply we are going to connect the Wii remote through Bluetooth utilizing an app ” Mission Control”. It’s obvious that to use the app MissionControl, you must have a modified Nintendo Switch that will be used to run the Atmosphere custom firmware. Well, let’s go toward the discussion on how to connect the Wii controller to the switch without an adapter.

Connect Wii Controller to Switch Without Adapter

To complete the process of Connect Wii Controller to Switch Without Adapter, you have to follow these instructions:

Download the Mission Control App

Firstly, you have to download the Mission Control Homebrew app on your PC. You will see the GitHub page and the app’s new release right here. Well, first of all, you have to download the Mission file. After that, you have to open up the .zip file. Then you will extract the atmosphere folder to the desktop.

Preparing the Switch

To use the latest Atmosphere releases (that you should!), you can be able to reboot the Switch to the Hekate boot loader. You can do it by choosing the Reboot option in the power menu. In Hekate, you have to go to Tools > USB Tools > SD Card to get access to the files which is stored on the SD card through a USB cable.

Another way is that you just have to power off the Switch and then you will plug the microSD card into your PC by utilizing an SD adapter.

As the Switch is connected to the PC by using a USB cord or with the microSD card plugged into your PC, you have to copy the extracted atmosphere folder to the root directory of the microSD card (which ensures replacing existing files if needed!).

After that, you have to put the Micro SD card back into the Switch or you have to disconnect the USB cable from the Switch and try to boot to Atmosphere.

Connecting a Controller

Connect Wii Controller to Switch Without Adapter, you will head over to the Controllers menu and then you have to select the option Change Grip/Order. Now, you have to set the Wii controller that you need to pair to the Switch in pairing mode.

Fixes For Wii Remote Not Working Issues

If you are facing that your Wii remote is not working, you can follow some tips. You have to Install a fresh set of batteries to fix the issue. You have to remove and clear all syncs from the Wii console. You can also reset the Wii remote, then you have to sync the Wii Remote with the Wii console. If it is possible, you have to try to use another Wii Remote.

Reset Wii Remote On Wii

To reset the Wii Remote on Wii, you have to take these steps:

  • First of all, you have to take out the batteries and wait for one minute. Then you have to reinsert them (there is no requirement to use new batteries).
  • Now, before pressing any buttons to wake up the Wii Remote you have to wait for a few seconds.
  • After that, you have to resync the Wii Remote.

FAQs Of Connect Wii Controller to Switch Without Adapter

Do Wii Remotes Use Bluetooth?

Both the Wii Remotes and consoles connect by utilizing a Bluetooth connection. So, it is clear that you can connect your Wii Remotes to other devices such as computers.

How Can You Manually Connect Your Wii Remotes?

If you are unable to connect your Wii remote to the console, then you have to try to open the battery case on your Wii remote they push the sync button, after that you have to go to the Wii console and open the storage place where is the memory card. Then, you have to press the sync button there. After a few seconds, both the remote and console should be synced together.

Is the Wii Remote Wireless?

Along the Wii Remote’s buttons, four blue LED lights indicate that the player position the remote is recently put to. The controller can connect to the Wii console through Bluetooth wireless technology.

How to Clean A Wii Remote?

For cleaning your Wii remote, you have to remove the batteries from the Wii Remote. You have to slightly moisten the toothbrush’ bristles, don’t get the bristles dripping wet, in warm water. Now, you have to scrub the area around its buttons and try to clean it with the bristles around the sides of the buttons carefully. After completing the cleaning process of the buttons, you have to dry off the Wii Remote using a paper towel.


Connect Wii Controller to Switch Without Adapter can be a little tricky but not impossible! Hopefully, this article will help you a lot in this case. After reading this, you can be able to connect the Wii remote. Just read the above-mentioned carefully and try to follow them.

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