How to Straighten the Headphone Wires?

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Do you want to Straighten the Headphone wires? Because you’ve been wearing your headphones a lot lately and the cord is in a weird curly shape, making it shorter than usual. But as you try to straighten the wire, it pulls itself back to the twisty mess you found it in. So, don’t worry in this article we discuss how to Straighten the Headphone Wires and keep it that way. Let’s dive right in.

How Do You Straighten the Headphone Wires?

Two things usually cause unstraight headphone wires.

1: Twists 2: Tangles

Wire twists happen as a result of natural daily use. As you spin or rotate your headphones, the wire also rotates, which builds tension. The wire will then collapse to relieve that tension, resulting in curls, bends, and other deformities.

On the other hand, your headphone wires may look deformed or curled when you just got them untangled or if they have been coiled too tightly.

However, in this case, there are a few methods you can try to straighten out your headphones’ wire. Let’s go through each of them!

Method 1: Run your Fingers Across the Twisted Wire

The common way to quickly fix a twisted headphone wire is by using your fingers, how you can do it follow the below steps

  • First of all, grab the wire between your thumb and index finger.
  • Now, keeping a mildly firm grip, slowly and thoroughly pass the wire through your fingers, moving from the base of your headphones to the end where the jack is.
  • Then, repeat this process 2-3 times.

Method 2: Hang your Headphones Freely

The next method is hanging your headphones freely.

  • First, hold the plug end of your headphones’ cable.
  • And, let the other end of the cable hang freely in the air.
  • Then, wait for your headphones to start spinning, or use your hands to create momentum.
  • Once the spinning slows down, run your fingers along the cable to untwist.

Method 3: Set the Headphones’ Wire Straight Using a Weight

This method works best after you’ve initially un-twisted and straightened your headphones’ wire as much as possible but still notice some curling or deformation.

In that case, you can use a slightly heavy object to get your headphones’ wire back to its original shape. How to do it, here are some steps.

  • Hang your headphones from a higher point, like a banister, coat hanger, doorknob, or towel rail.
  • Now, attach a slightly heavy object near the plug using adhesive tape, a binder clip, or a piece of rope.
  • Then, leave your headphones hanging with the weight for 24-48 hours to see the results.

Note: Keep in mind that the keyword here is slightly weighted. You’re also working with gravity, so use just enough weight to avoid pulling down the cable with too much force which depends on the thickness and sturdiness of your headphones’ cable.

Method 4: Lay the Headphones’ Wire on a Flat Surface

If you don’t have a place to hang your headphones you can straighten out your headphones’ wire on a flat surface like a table or the floor.

  • Lay your headphones on a flat surface and keep the wire straight as possible.
  • Put a book or other slightly weighted object on the plug end of the wire.
  • Wait for about 48 hours, and you get a fully straightened-out wire.

How to Prevent Wire from Twisting and Curling?

Twists that aren’t immediately taken care of can cause unwanted things to happen to your wire. Here are several things you can do to prevent them from building up and causing trouble.

Store Your Headphones Properly

Having dedicated storage for your headphones when you’re not using them can go a long way in preserving their lifespan.

Being inside a case or bag means there’s not much room for your headphones to toss around. In addition, some of them also come with designated slots that keep your headphone wires safe from twists.

Coil Headphones the Right Way

Coiling your headphones’ cord properly before storing them also helps to prevent kinks. Most of us coil our cords around our hands, twisting the cord with every single turn.

This method is incorrect as each coil creates a twist in the cord, which becomes apparent when you unfold it.

Instead, try the ‘over-under’ method, which is commonly used by backstage production crews worldwide.

  • Start with the end of the wire in one hand, then slide your other hand a little way down the wire and make the first coil.
  • For the next coil, twist your hand so your palm is facing outwards. Grab the wire with your palm in that position.
  • Then as you’re bringing the wire up to coil it, twist your palm back inwards.
  • Continue alternating both steps until you completely wrap the wire.


After reading this guide, you should know how to straighten the headphone wires and keep them safe from nasty twists and buildups. The next time you put your headphones on, just remember that the slightest movements can lead to a twisted mess. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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