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imessage for pc

iMessage for pc version available but its require to follow some step. This app has still had a problem regarding safety and support during running. There are lots iPhone user like to use this app. there are many users wants to use this app on their personal computer. iMessage for pc is built with many features like p2p money transfer, digital touch, super-encryption, a vast collection of emojis, and GIFs images.

You can’t install the iMessage app directly on your Windows 7/8/10. You need some requirements to install this on pc/laptop. I am going to share three methods to install the iMessage app on your pc. let’s start with the first method.

Method 1: Using remote desktop chrome

In this method, you have to a mac device and a windows computer. You need to install google chrome and chrome remote desktop extensions on mac and windows.

  • download and install remote desktop chrome extension
  • after adding in chrome it will automatically be installed in mac and windows.
  • login to your chrome profile with your account in windows and mac. the profile icon will available at the top right corner. both devices have the same account.
  • you have done all processes on both devices.
  • now you can access mac on your windows device. you can control live with the iMessage app.

open iMessage on your Mac pc. that’s all you have done it.

imessage for pc
This is the easiest method without the need for any resources. you can enjoy all the features that you used on mac devices.

Method 2: Using iMessage for pc with ios emulator

Generally, most people don’t have Mac and Windows. You can also access iMessage for pc using an IOS emulator.iPadian is the best ios emulator to use any ios app.


iPadian is the best ios emulator that supports major ios apps. easy interface with a simple layout. iMessage app is fully supported by this emulator.

  1. the first thing you need to download and install the iPadian emulator
  2. after installing the emulator, search for the iMessage app
  3. after installing the app open it.
  4. that’s successfully done.

first, you need to access the iPadian emulator before access the iMessage app.

Method 3: Installing a Virtual Box to use iMessage

you can also use iMessage through a virtual box machine. you need to macOS sierra program on your windows pc. you have to sync iMessage app on your windows pc with an apple id. you can access easily all features without any problem. here you learn about iMessage for pc.