10 Working Solutions to Fix iPhone Sound is not Working

iPhone sound is not working due to Software and Hardware problems. The Software Problem can fix easily. there are multiple reasons that prevent playing the phone’s speaker. You may face problems during hearing your voice while calling, Sound not working while playing audio or video, etc.,  Here I will share the working solutions to resolve these problems.


10 Fixes for iPhone sound is not working

Fix 1: Restart iPhone

If your iPhone sound is not working Just Restart your phone. It will solve all the software-related issues. Your sound-related issues could fix. you can restart your phone in two ways. Soft Reset and Hard Reset.

Soft Reset Method

For a soft reset, you have just press the Side Volume up button and the Power button until the power slider popup on the screen.

Once you Found the Power Slider, just Drag the slider from left to right. your Phone will start automatically.

Hard Reset

Hard Reset

  1. Press Volume Up Button and Quick release.
  2. Press Volume Down Button and Quick release.
  3. Press Side Button until you found the apple icon on the screen.
  4. The Phone will Reset automatically.

learn in detail to reset your iPhone from How to Hard Reset iPhone 

Fix 2: Disable Silent Mode

Disable the silent switch

Apple Provide the Silent Button key at the sidebar. this button is used to enable silent mode. If the key is set at the downside that means the silent mode is enabled.

If the button is set to screen-side that means the silent mode is deactivated. so please make sure that your phone’s silent mode should have disabled.

Fix 3: Turn Off Bluetooth

If your Phone Transferring the audio to another sound speaker or AirPods through Bluetooth then the audio will be muted for your mobile.

To Turn of the Bluetooth, Navigate to the Control panel and tap on the Bluetooth icon to disable it.

You can also turn off the Bluetooth by the following Setting > General > Bluetooth and Toggle the Bluetooth option.

Fix 4: Upgrade iOS update

Apple Frequently updates the ios version to improve the system. always keep your phone up to date to prevent software bugs. It will improve mobile performance.

To upgrade the iOS version, follow navigate to path Setting > General > Software Update

Fix 5: Reset Settings

If your Phones Settings is changed mistakenly and the sound is gone from the phone then reset settings are the best choice to reconfigure the default settings.

All your data will be safe. These options just reset the settings that you changed. to reset the value, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings

Fix 6: Turn Of Do Not Disturb

You may Enable the Do Not Disturb service mistakenly. it mutes the sound and notification. to disable the do not disturb navigate to Settings > Do not Disturb option and toggle the mode.

Fix 7: Test the Phone Speaker

If you decrease the level of volume you can Adjust the Volume settings for audio to listen perfectly.

To increase the volume go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and increase the Ringer alert to the highest level.

Fix 8: Disable the battery saver Third-Party Apps

The third-party apps sometimes change the volume level of the audio. we can’t hear it properly. if you install any app and suddenly the voice is gone then uninstall the app.

Fix 9: Factory Reset

If you try all solutions but still your Problem is pending then you can reset your phone completely. To reset your phone navigate to Settings > Reset > Remove all content 

The reset process takes some time to complete.

Fix 10:  Enable Phone notification

If you do not select the Notification and SMS sound then the phone alerts will remain silent. you can set the notification sound from the settings.

Hardware Issue

Hardware is also the reason for the sound system. if any speaker is damaged then you might face trouble while listening to the audio. you can go to apple care to fix it quickly.


Why does my phone suddenly have no sound?

There are many reasons which prevent audio sound such as DND service, Silent mode, Third part apps, Misconfigure settings, system update, software bugs, etc.

Why can’t I hear anyone when they call me on my iPhone?

There are two common reasons reported by users. the first one is your device is facing a Hardware Problem, second network issue is also the reason for the problem of voice.

How do I get my iPhone off of silent mode?

Apple Provide the silent mode key at the side panel. move this key toward the mobile screen to disable the silent mode.


Are facing the problem of sound on the iPhone. You can fix it through Deactive do not disturb, Turn off Bluetooth, Restart the device, Reset the network settings, reset all settings, and factory reset. if you still getting this problem then contact the apple team. they will help you to get out of the problem.

I hope you get the solution for iPhone sound is not working. If you fixed the issue then share it with iPhone users.

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