Top 6 Night Mode Apps For Android to Protect Eye

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Your eyes stretch while looking your phone screen at late night. The bright screen is always damaged your eyes at night. over usage of smartphone create some serious effect in your brain and eyes. we should always protect our eyes by using phones with low brightness. but still, your body isn’t compatible with a phone screen. There are a lot of apps available to add filters on the screen to use smartphones in dark rooms. these apps are specially developed for eye care. so let’s discuss the best night mode apps for android smartphones.


List of Top 6 Night Mode Apps For Android in 2021

1. Blue Light Filter

The app Decrease the Blue Light to comfort your eyes. it adjusts the natural colors by reducing the phone brightness. your eyes will not feel tired while using your phone. you can improve your sleep. it also helps you to save battery by consuming low power. set the screen intensity and Dim according to your need. There are 6 different Filters available for various atmospheres. Blue Light Filter app is really easy to use with a simple interface.

2. Night screen

Night Screen app decreases the brightness at a lower point than the default brightness level. the app provides the home screen widgets to adjust the dim brightness level. Night Screen is very easy to use. the app supports all android smartphones. it protects you from headaches and eye problems. once your stop this app the screen brightness is set as the default setting.

3. Night Shift

Night Shift is a great app for your eye care. it’s not the only protect eye but also help you from headache and improve the sleep. Night Shift is one of the best apps to use on the phone in dark night. there are premade filters available to reduce the light as possible. you can also customize the filters and save them as the default setting for daily use. there are a lot of filters available such as Temperature customization, Color customization, and RGB Customization to adjust the display. Schedule the filter for nighttime to turn on the mode automatically.


The Twilight app adjusts the light flux and reduces the blue light to stop damages to your eye sighting. it helps you with Troubling sleep, headache, sighting problem. the app sets the filters according to the sunrise and sunset cycle. you feel comfortable while reading at night using this app. AMOLED screen mode decrease hit while using the phone. you can also customize brightness filters to better vision.

5. Night Owl

Nightowl Protect against harmful brightest rays to enter in eyes. You can instantly relieve eye tiredness using this app. it keeps safe your eyes while using mobile at dark night. Nightowl is also available with Blue Light Filters to reduce flux light lower than phone lower mode settings. There are also advanced filters available to adjust the phone light according to your desire. Schedule the enable night mode automatically.

6. Auto screen filter

Auto screen filters customize the screen colors and filters automatically to better vision. the app is designed with natural color and filters customization to protect your eyes. the natural colors help you to customize the screen brightness for reading articles, news, and emails. schedule mode set auto for the specific time to adjust the brightness. The auto screen filter is really easy to use. you can select the 7 different colors filters.

So these are the 6 best Night Mode Apps For Android for healthy eyes. you can take relief using these apps. I hope you love this article. please share it with your family and friend to help them with better eye care.