5 Best parental control apps for android 2021

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Smartphones make our life very easy and fast because it now becomes a common and most used device. Also, everyone using the internet today. a lot of internets users from smartphones. during these pandemics, so many kids are also using smartphones to study online. You know that the internet is filled with good or bad content. you need to worried about your child before giving a mobile to your kid.

You have to think about how to control smartphones from bad things to save your child. the parental control app is the right choice to control all the activity for the phone. there is a lot of parental apps released to manage all control.

Today our topic is parental control apps for android smartphones. so let’s learn the all apps one by one.


List of parental control apps for android

1. ESET Parental Control

Eset helps you to set boundaries for your kid. you can set a limit for games and phone surfing using an app guard. the app takes care of and controls all games for a specific time. it only allows underage content to access from the phone. web guard tracks every activity while your kid surfing the internet. it stops the fake news, adult content while visiting the web. if your child is away from the home you can easily locate it through child locator mode. geofencing gives you an instant alert when your kid is out from the default selected area.

battery protector sets the limit for playing games if the battery drops down from the current percentage. instant block feature temporarily bans all the games and entertainment on smartphones. you can remotely handle all activity from the web. you can also install the parent app to control your kid’s smartphone.

2. Google Family Link

This is the most trusted app to monitor your kid’s activity. make a digital rule for your underage kids and teens to learn, surfing the internet, play, etc, you can monitor all activity how much time spending your kids on every app through activity report. you can allow or deny permission to download the new things remotely from another device. set the limit for usage of smartphones. lock the device if you might think your kid using the phone too much. track the location to take care of your kids.

3. Kids Place

Kids place is used to control the screen time and child activity. you can set the limit for mobile usage before giving it to your child. when you enable the kid’s mode, you are able to prevent adult content and ads for your kid. set the rules for limited access. you can block the apps that are not good for kids. you can disable the google play purchase by activate blocking. if your kid is smart he will try to uninstall this parental control app. you can set a pin for this app. so that your kids are unable to uninstall the parent app.

4. Norton Family Parental Control

Monitor the activity of what web pages, the app they are visiting, and which app is accessing. you are able to block certain sites to prevent access by your kid. Norton secure and safe your kid from inappropriate content. receive alerts on your phone when a kid is out of boundaries. you can instantly lock the phone for a limited time. Norton helps you to set time limits to play games or using apps. if your kids want to access web pages they request to parents to give permission. the parent denies or authorized request from the web.

5. Kids App Qustodio

This app is a similar app to all parental control apps. there are a lot of unique features available to monitor all things on the smartphone. the set time limit for using the phone, monitor web surfing, apps, and search words. you can put restrictions on websites and apps. you can also control the youtube videos through youtube monitoring. the app provides up to the last 30 days’ report of activity. you can know the live location for your kids through geolocation features.


So these are parental control apps for android. you should start to use this app from today to save your kids. I hope this article might help you. if you have any issues you can comment on your query. please share it with your friends and family members to contribute to us.