Top 5 Password Generators Tools 2021

Password Security becomes the first priority nowadays. we always need a strong password for every new digital account.  There are so many password generators tools available to generate passwords using Upper case, Lower case, Special characters,  and numbers. we separate the best password generator among the list. Here I am going to share the top 5 password generators tools. so stay tuned with this article.

1. Lastpass

The tool helps you to create the safest passwords to secure your information. you can generate strong passwords using all types of characters, numbers, and symbols.  the tool runs without internet. you can use it on your computers and mobiles. it helps you to generate three types of passwords Easy to Use, Easy to Read, and all characters. after selecting the mode you can make a password instantly and copy it on a clipboard. it saves your password and autofill when you browse the login page. you don’t need to remember the password if you have the LastPass extension or app.

2. TweakPass Password Manager

Store all passwords in a safe vault using the Tweak password manager helps you to remember all login credentials for each account. the vault is also locked with a master password. you can also enable a multi-factor authentication system. it also provides the password generator features to generate a strong and unique password for your account creations. after you can autofill login details from saved credentials. it saves your all confidential and very important information on safe notes. the tool can access from anywhere and device using your master password. you can download extensions, addons for chrome, Mozilla firefox. it also available for windows and android.

3. 1Password

1Password  is most popular and trusted by 15 million users. it generates and manages all your passwords in a secure account. all your passwords and important data are secured with the master password. when you sign in to your account the auto filler helps you to log in with just a single click. 1Pssword always keeps checking data breaches for your account safety. the tools give your alert which site is weak and not secure with HTTPS. the tool is available for all devices android, ios, windows, and Mac. you can also use it Browsers.

4. NordPass

The tool is launched by the most famous Nordvpn developer. so you are in a safe hand to secure your information. Nordpass takes care of your privacy and safety. it has 14 million users worldwide. Nordpass using a top encryption algorithm to secure your important information. you can access all the passwords and sensitive information in one place. it gives you the main password to access the other credentials. while creating an account you can save it in Nordpass with one click.  You don’t need to add manually all the passwords. Nordpass password generator tool gives you the ability to make a secure and unique password within seconds. you can also save your credit card details and shipping details for instant checkout with full safety.  the tools give you 7 days trial. after using the trial you can go for premium plans.

5. Keepass

Keepass is best for those who don’t want to buy premium password generator tools. Keepass is open-source software. it is the most widely used software as a password manager tool. the tool provides the same level of security as premium password managers tools. Keepass stored all the passwords in a single database. the database is safe and secure under AES-256, ChaCha20, and Twofish encryption algorithms. you can get it for your windows computer. the android version is available on the google play store.

Hope you like the 5 best password generators tools. if you love this please share the post with others to help needy people.