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Hi Guest, Welcome to this post! In this guide, we will cover the Wyze application installation method on pc windows 7/8/10 and mac. You need to simply follow all steps carefully to download on your computer. so let’s start our topic – Wyze app for pc.

Wyze Cam Provides the Best Security service at an Affordable Price with the latest technology. Recently Wyze Company launched Wyze cam v3 device. I personally recommend this CCTV camera. Which provides clear night vision with 1080P, Latest Motion Detector sensor, Waterproof, Lightweight, easily connect with android smartphones, 24/7 hours motion capture, and other features. this cam is only available for only 20$.  Wyze also sells other camera devices on their official site. You can buy it most advanced devices at a cheap price.

Wyze camera records the video and stores it on cloud storage but you can also save it on your smartphone. you can connect the cam with mobile through the Wyze app. you can download this app on the google play store. the app helps you to connect all cameras with one device. you can automate your home with amazing new features like turn the lights off/on with staying away from home, play alert sound, automatically lock the door. these things make Wyze company better than Others. Here is some feature you can read from below highlights.


Wyze Cam app Features

  • Crystle Clear Night Vision with 1080 Pixels High-Quality Mode
  •  Instant Alert while recording some activity
  • Automate your daily stuff
  • Track your Pets activity
  • Control ecosystems from staying away
  • Record Every Event
  • Manage All cameras and filter out all the records when you need

The app is only available on android and ios smartphones. the developers do not create any app version for windows and Mac operating systems. so please Download the Wyze app for pc from another site. because it may harm your computer with some malicious virus. Here I am going to share the right way to download Wyze app on your computer.  I guaranteed you after ending this post you will be able to control your cam from the computer.  this method is available for windows and mac computers. so let’s begin the process.

Wyze app for PC – Download Free

First, we need to install one tool to access the app on pc. The tool is known by the android emulator. this software is easily available for free on the internet. you can download Bluestack emulator, Nox Player, and Memu Player. all of these work the same but the company is different. These emulators only work with windows 7/8/10 and Mac. Windows XP was recently discontinued by Microsoft.

We will start with windows computers after we will discuss for mac pc.

Wyze app for Windows 7/8/10

  1. Download Bluestack Emulator from the official site. I recommended making at least 20 GB of space on your hard disk. also, 4GB RAM must-have for smooth installation.
  2. After downloading the emulator, open the .exe file and install the tool with the standard installation process. it may take some time for the installation process.

installing bluestack

  1. Now turn to open your bluestack player. just double-click on it and open it.
  2. you will see the android operating system screen on your computer which indicates you have successfully installed the android emulator on pc.
  3. Now the next thing is to create or sign in google account on bluestack.
  4. After proceeding with the login things. Now go to Google play store from the home page or go to the search tab located on your bluestack screen.
  5. Search for ‘Wyze app’ and find the best match results. now click on the install button.

Blue stack

  1. The downloading process will start after a couple of seconds it will be automatically done.
  2. Hopefully, you have successfully installed the Wyze app for pc.
  3. Open the Wyze app on your computer and connect with your device.

Wyze app will only work if your computer should have wifi features.

Wyze app for Mac

  1. Download Nox Player from the Big Nox site. you can use Nox player as an android emulator. the tool is really specially made for android games but you can also use the Wyze app without any problem.
  2. After Downloaded this tool, install the tool with the Basic installation process. just simply follow the installation step that shows on the screen.
  3. Now Open the tool by double click on the Nox player icon.
  4. You will see the nox player screen. just go to the search tab located on top of the screen.
  5. Search for Wyze application and go to the installation page.
  6. Just install the app by click on the download button.
  7. Now open the Wyze app and Connect all your cameras with you one computer.

If You Facing any issues while doing the installation of the android emulator. just upgrade your operating systems with the latest frameworks and necessary drivers for your computer. You can also use the Memu player instead of the Bluestack player. all installation steps are similar just the emulator is different. you can use an emulator that’s easy for you.

Now Let’s About the Pros and Cons of the Wyze app. this point are based on a review which customer provided on the google play store. I listed the benefits and also added some weak points for improvement.

Pros and Cons


  • Wyze cam is available in affordable Price
  • Provide Two-factor authentication for a secure connection. Hacker will stay away from this connection
  • Customer Support is very Good
  • Easy to set up with Alexa and Google Homes
  • Cloud Storage for 14 days free trial
  • Good Color and Visual effect


  • Sometimes losing connection with cameras and unable to Connect
  • The New Version of the app needs some bugs to be fixed
  • Unable to split multiple cams
  • Sometimes Unable to find camera devices while connecting
  • Motion Detection is so sensitive.
  • The app is crashed unexpectedly

I listed all points hope I should be fixed soon. but it is really better than other apps. now let’s discuss some Frequently asked questions by people.


1. Is the WYZE Cam battery operated?

Yes, Wyze Cam comes with a USB cable. Charging stays up to 10 hours.

2. Can WYZE cameras be hacked?

The app provides two-factor authentication for security. You can enable this option.

3. Can I put WYZE cam outside?

Wyze cam is Portable. you can set anywhere. just fit it with a screw and set up.

4. Which WYZE Cam is better?

Wyze v 3.0 is really awesome. Wyze pen is also better you can choose any of them.

This is Most asked question if you have any question you can comment you issue. i will try to solve your problem.if you like this post please give feedback. also you can suggest me improvement. I think Your all doubts are clear with this post.

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Wyze cam is a perfect security device for your home security. you can get the latest features at a reasonable price. you will get clear night vision, high quality, perfect color effect, motion detection, and live monitoring. Wyze cam is easily controlled from your phone and computer. Wyze cam is a portable device you can set indoor and outdoor. Wyze cam is an amazing activity sensor. you can make your home automate.

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