5 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android 2021

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There are a lot of fun apps are available on the google play store. among these apps have you try the Voice changer app? today we are going to write about the best voice changer apps for android.

Many Voice changer apps are available to change voice but most apps do the same things. Here we try to pick some best apps for you. after using this app you are able to change your voice with different effects. so let’s begin the topic.


Best Voice Changer Apps For Android

1. Voice Changer

Voice Changer is a simple voiceover application. Just Record the audio and apply different effects from the list. you can change your voice to robot, child, alien, old man, bee, duck, cat, and more voices. after converting the audio you can save it to local storage. you can also play the audio directly from the app. the app is free to use.

2. VoiceF

VoiceFx is a voice changer app to translate your voice with different formats. after changing the voice you can play it from the app. there are a lot of voice effects available like the female, kid, men, slow, fast, devil, etc. you can apply any effects from the list. the app is also able to live to stream your voiceover to the web. after applying effect you can save it to local storage and set it as your ringtone. you can playback your live preview.

3. Voice Changer From Handy tools Studio

Now sing a song with a perfect voice changer application. give your friends a surprise by changing your voice with various funny voice effects. you can change your voice on phones call and voice messages. These are the best features to make this app different from others.

You can also record the audio with different effects and share it on your social media. it helps you to transform the voice into Superhero, Alien, child, chipmunk, etc. you can also select the effect while you singing. the app is inbuilt with karaoke effects, chorus effects, studio effects, theater reverb, and concert reverb.

4. MagicCall

Change your voice in real-time using the magic call app. you can talk on a phone call in different voices like a female voice, kid voice, cartoon voice, etc. you can also switch the voiceover during the call. it gives you the opportunity to test the voice effects before the call.  you can also play the sound like Kiss, clap, crying, etc.

you can prank your friends while playing background effects. try raining, music concert, happy birthday song, live traffic, and many more. this is the best way to have fun with your friend during a call. the magic call is very simple to use. just select the voice changer effect and dial the number to talk in a different voice.

5. Voice changer from 9xgeneration

There are a lot of unique voiceover effects available to change the voice with different effects. normal, helium, hexafluoride, fast, slow, cave, chipmunk, monster, alien, big sound, small sound, bee, and death effects available to make your voice different. record the voice and apply effects. you will get the voiceover audio instantly. you can also apply custom voice changer effects from echo, reverb, pitch, tempo, volume, bass, mid, and treble. after edit your audio you can save it to your local storage and share it with your friends.

so these are the Best Voice Changer Apps for Android to voiceover any audio. I hope you are able to change your voice using this app. if you want to know more funny apps you can comment below. I assure you we will update it very soon. if you really like this post you can share it with your friends and family. it gives us more courage to write more content for you.