Top 6 Text Message Scheduler Apps For Android

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A text message is a great service instead of sending letters. we can send instantly a message to anyone within seconds. the messages make our life very easy and fast. we can instantly chat with our relatives. Text messages are also used for a lot of services. if you are sending text messages for communication. You can schedule the text messages to send them at the right time. you don’t need to remember it the whole day. There are a lot of Text Message Scheduler apps available on the google play store. which helps you to schedule the text message for the right time.


List of Text Message Scheduler Apps For Android

1. Do It Later

Do it later app send the automatic messages for SMS app, Social apps and emails. It helps you to schedule the right time to send the text messages. You can also send the bulk messages to multiple recipients at once. Send instant replies for incoming messages and miscalls. add variable like name, location, time for bulk messages to send messages with recipients’ information. The recurring option sends the same Text message at a specific time. you can set it for minutes, hourly, weekly, and monthly. you can set a rule for each contact to send text messages.  Capture the word from the incoming text message and set auto to send selected text message.

2. Auto Message

Transform your phone as an automation text messaging tool using this app. Schedule SMS, Email, Call for all incoming Messages, Calls, and Emails. this app makes your work fast and easy. the app is one of the time-saver tools for android smartphones. it gives you relief from your daily routine. it triggered the SMS at a selected time without touching any button. send predefined messages to answer the incoming calls.

3. Boomerang Mail

Boomerang Mail is an Email Scheduler app. the app currently supports Gmail, Microsoft Exchange accounts. the is not only automate your email but also tracking the delivery of all emails. you can integrate multi-account in one app. also you can send multi emails to the email list. it helps you to send emails when you are away from your phone.

4. SKEDit

Skedit automates your text messages, WhatsApp messages, Call and Emails. Schedule your task without worrying about it. you need to set the whole day communication using this app and sit relax. your phone will automatically send messages to all selected people at a specific time. you can trigger the SMS on friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. you don’t need to remember it for that day.

5. AutoResponder for WhatsApp

Send Automatic Reply on WhatsApp through this app. reply to any query using the auto-send app. you can send multi messages at once. set the rules like name, address, place, to reply with recipients info. never miss any message when you are busy with your work.

6. WhatsAuto

Whatsapp is really simple to use. you can set it for auto-reply with just one click. there are no complex things for setup. select the contacts to send the messages for daily routine. it helps you to create your own chatbot to send messages instantly to anyone. the app also provides a recurring service to send the same message at a specific time. the driving mode features send automate messages as replies when you are driving.

So these are the 6 best Text Message Scheduler Apps For Android that make your SMS, calls, emails automate. I hope you love this article about auto-reply applications. please share it with your friends and family. it helps us to write more articles for you.