The active directory domain services is currently unavailable windows 10

The Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable
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Sometimes Windows 10 Users face an error while connecting printers that says “the active directory domain services is currently unavailable”. the error means that the system is not able to find and connect with the printer. computer manage all resources with the help of this system. this error always pops up when creates a problem with drivers and administrative permission. the error preventing the computer to connect with the printer.

In this article, I will guide you to solve this error with the best and easy solution. follow the below steps to remove this error.

there are three methods available to fix this problem. you can try all these ways one by one.

Method 1: Check Network Installation and Add Printer Manually

sometimes the very easy solution for the problem. the first thing we need to do is printer installed or not?

you need to check through these steps. follow me to solve the active directory domain services is currently unavailable windows 10

  • Press Windows key + X
  • Click On Control Panel
  • Now find the Devices and Printers option and click on it.
  • you can see two categories Device and printers.
  • check your printer is available or not. if present double click on it to see connected or not.
  • if your printer is not present then you can add it manually. Click on Add printer and select printer from the list and add it.
  • if your printer connects with your computer successfully then it works normally.

if still error exists then go for the next solution

the active directory domain services is currently unavailable

Method 2: Change Printer Spooler settings

  • press the Windows logo key and to call Run Box
  • In the dialogue box type services.msc and press enter to bring up the service window.

service msc

  •  Right-click on Printer Spooler service and click Start.

printer spooler

  • After getting started double-click on it. Set its startup type to Automatic. Then click OK to save the setting.


printer spooler properties

  • Close the Services window and check if you could print files that work successfully.

Method 3: Granting access to PrinterPorts and Windows

If both methods don’t work then we should try to change permission with the help of the registry editor. you need to give grant permission to printer ports.

  •  Windows logo key  and R to launch the Run application.
  • Type regedit and press Enter to open Registry Editor.

Click Yes when prompted by User Account Control.

  • Once in the registry editor, navigate to the following file path:
  • On Registry window, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion.

regedit current version

  • Right-click on Devices under CurrentVersion dialog.
    Then click Permissions.

the active directory domain services is currently unavailable windows 10

  • find your account from this list. tickmark all checkboxes under the “allow” column.
  • do the same procedure for “printerports” and “windows” menu.


  • After Done successfully. please restart your computer.

Here you solved the successful error the active directory domain services is currently unavailable windows 10.i hope you have got your solution. if you like my post please share it with needy people through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.

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