thunder vpn for pc

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Thunder VPN for pc is fast lighting virtual server app that provides a free proxy service. it is very helpful for access blocked websites and applications in a particular region. it helps to encrypt your data connection to prevent third-party tracking.

thunder vpn for pc

The application is very great for security and privacy. thunder VPN gives you a new IP address located in a different location. this is a simple way to access company and government restriction sites. it has servers in 16 different countries in the world.

Thunder VPN does not save log files of browsing sites. you don’t need to worry about online security. the application provides high-speed unlimited bandwidth servers for high-speed internet connection.

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The interfaces of this app are very simple. you don’t have to need any technical knowledge to access this app. simply click on the start button located at the bottom of the screen. the thunder VPN for pc does not need any specific setting or signup process. this app is absolutely free anyway.

Thunder VPN is available for Android and IOS. there is no official version for pc devices.  if you are finding pc version then you are standing at the right place.I will teach you how to install thunder VPN for pc. you need to follow the below step to get successfully installed.

Thunder VPN for pc windows 7 8 & 10

before you download bluestack emulator make sure you have enough space to smooth running software. also, you have the latest framework to successfully installed this app.

first, we need to download the Bluestack emulator. you can download it from official site.

after a downloaded click on install. wait till the installation process is done.

  1. Open Bluestack software, find google play store in the menu
  2. Open Play store, click on the search icon
  3. Now Type ‘Thunder VPN for PC in the search field
  4. After getting results, download and install it.
  5. wait till when the installation process is done. it takes a little bit of time. depend on your system speed.
  6. after successfully installed, open it.

now enjoy the VPN service on your windows pc.


Thunder VPN for Mac

  • Open Safari Browser and search for Bluestack emulator.
  • Download and install Bluestack 2
  • After installation open the Bluestack emulator
  • finds google play store app in the menu
  • open google play store and search for Thunder VPN
  • after getting it, download and install that app.

you have successfully installed thunder VPN for pc app. if you have a problem during installing please let me know. I will give you a response in a second.