What Are The Side Buttons On A Gaming Mouse For?

What are the side buttons on a gaming mouse for? This article will tell you all you need to know about these buttons and whether they are worth the extra money. While gaming, if you want to do something, you don’t want to have to take your hand off of the mouse and go to the keyboard to do it. Having side buttons allows you to program them to do what you want them to do.

One of the main things that differentiate gaming mice from regular mice is that they have side buttons to give you extra control and ease of navigation in the game. The buttons come in a wide variety and can have different functions.

If you are someone who uses a gaming mouse, you must know what the side buttons are. But, if you are someone who uses a regular mouse, you might wonder why gaming mice have side buttons in the first place. This blog will talk about the different uses of the side buttons on a gaming mouse and how they can help you in your day to day tasks.

What Are The Side Buttons On A Gaming Mouse For?

What Are The Side Buttons On A Gaming Mouse For

When it comes to gaming mice you can think of it in two categories: those that have dedicated side buttons and those that don’t. The ones that have side buttons are better for gaming in most cases since they can allow you to execute different actions in your games. That’s because dedicated side buttons usually have a specific function. For instance, one might pause your game while the others can be programmed to do different actions.

Side buttons on a gaming mouse are an important addition to a gaming mouse. They are used to carry out in-game commands with the press single button. Programmable buttons are a very important feature of a gaming mouse. They can be programmed in different ways depending on the type of game you are playing or even the commands you want to use.

Do you wish you could use your keyboard less and get more from your mouse? Then you might want to consider getting a gaming mouse. These have all sorts of special features that can enhance your game play and make it more enjoyable.

For example, when you are playing first-person shooter (FPS) games, you can assign these buttons to be used for rapid firing, reloading, scoping, etc. Sometimes, game developers create the game so that the side buttons on your gaming mouse work with the game. If you are playing a game that has a setting for it, you can customize the side buttons to your liking. For example, in Battlefield 4, you can customize the side buttons to make them shoot different weapons.

Side buttons on a gaming mouse can be used for any number of tasks, but the most common is changing the firing mode on your weapon. For example, in Battlefield and Call of Duty, if you have a rifle, you can use the side buttons to change your firing mode from single shot to fully automatic.

If you want to play massively multiplayer online (MMO) games like World of Warcraft or Diablo 3, having extra side buttons is a must. These MMO games are played for hours and hours, so you need a mouse that can keep up with you. These side buttons you can use to easily cast spells, open maps, and more, in MMO games World of Warcraft and others. The most common actions performed by gamers in games with the side buttons of the gaming mouse.

  1. Weapon Switching
  2. Throwing Grenades
  3. Healing/Health Boost
  4. Reload Weapons
  5. Melee Attacks
  6. Scoping  
  7. Adjusting Camera Angles
  8. Casting Spells
  9. Activating Voice Chats
  10. Movement
  • Jumping
  • Taking a Prone Position
  • Crouching
  • Sprinting
  • Stealth
  • Peaking In/Out
  • Sliding
  • Leaning

The side buttons on a gaming mouse are perfect for macros. This is a relatively new feature in gaming mice and some gamers don’t even know they exist. A mouse macro is a pre-programmed set of commands that can be executed with a single click of the button.

Macros are a great way to automate actions you perform in a game. In other words, they can be used to perform a series of actions at once. These macros can be set to execute very rapidly, giving you a competitive edge over your opponent.

Macros let you to rapidly perform repetitive tasks. For example, you can set up a macro to bind 5 different spells to the mouse at once. This is a very useful tool for gamers. It is also useful for non-gamers who frequently use the same set of actions.

Playing fighting games on a competitive level is no easy feat. Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 have been around for a while now and are still being played at high levels by players who have mastered the game. In Tekken 7, however, a new kind of player has emerged. Players who learned how to use macros to perform moves and combos that can’t be done by human hands. And these players are winning. You can record a sequence of commands and bind it to a single button to perform combo attacks.

In the world of shooter games like the famous Counter Strike, the ability to rapidly fire your weapon is a huge advantage. Rapidly firing your weapon not only allows you to kill your opponent, but it also means you can get a higher kill count. You will have more kills than your opponent, and that’s what matters. Although using macros for rapid firing is a little bit of a grey area, it’s still a popular practice in the gaming community.

In the world of esports, it’s common for players to earn their fame and fortune through their skills as a player, but some players choose to cheat their way to the top. While the use of macros is considered cheating in some games such as Fortnite. Violators are usually banned from their game and from using their accounts, but the bans can also extend to other games belonging to the same publisher.

Side Buttons Are Also Useful In Other Computer Work:

What Are The Side Buttons On A Gaming Mouse For

Mouse side buttons are the best option to save your time. These side buttons can be programmed to execute almost any task. For example, you can assign a mouse side button to open an application, copy data, paste data, switch between apps and so on. Apart from gaming, side buttons help to save time by assigning side buttons for particular needs.

By using the side buttons, you can access specific functions without having to move the pointer on the screen. Task performed by side button of gaming mouse are:

  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Undo
  • Volume Up and Down
  • Minimize and Close Windows
  • Lunch Program
  • Movie Up and Down While Browsing
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Play Next and Previous Track
  • Play and Pause Track In Media Player

Final Words:

In short, the side buttons on a gaming mouse can be used to access additional features on your favorite games. As we have learned, there are a number of different buttons that can be found on the side of a gaming mouse. They can be used to speed up your reaction time and make your gaming experience much more enjoyable. If you want to learn more about what these buttons are used for or if you want to learn more about gaming mice, then please contact us anytime.

What Are The Side Buttons On A Gaming Mouse For

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