What is DPI on a Gaming Mouse 2022?

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In this article, you will get knowledge about “what is DPI on a gaming mouse“. Life is a continuous process of learning, struggling, and excitement. Nowadays people want to get more excited by using different methods. PC games are very famous in the young generation. To get more satisfaction during long gaming sessions and for winning purposes, they are using the best gaming tools.

A gaming mouse is one of the best tools for gamers. However, there is a variety of gaming mouse are available in the market but you have to choose the best feature gaming mouse which can work as a weapon. We have already a write-up about the featured do you have to keep in mind while selecting a gaming mouse. One of the most important features of the gaming mouse is its DPI. DPI in the gaming mouse is like the backbone of your gaming weapons.

What is DPI on a Gaming Mouse?

What is DPI on a Gaming Mouse

What is DPI? DPI means dots per inches or in other and easy words it is all about the speed of your cursor and its position. If a gaming mouse comes with a DPI of 1600 provides you a cursor measure of 1600 dots or pixels when you moved your gaming mouse for one inch. Which DPI do you have to select for your favorite PC games, it is quite a tricky puzzle, but don’t worry we would determine how you can set the best DPI.

The next step is re-arranging your own mouse settings may require. Before you go into the battlefield, set your mouse current DPI as per your requirement. The most gaming mouse comes with a DPI button, which allows you to customize the mouse different settings. Other than the DPI button, few gaming mice come with programs that let users customize and identify the current DPI. In some gaming mice are LED lights are used to indicate the different levels of DPI.

What is DPI on a Gaming Mouse

With low DPI:

Many pro gamers from the Counter-Strike 1.6 and Quake community stay in a range of 400-800. It might be a very low DPI, despite all this; you must require a large mouse pad that provides a smooth surface to move your mouse quickly and efficiently. Personally, I found that this is too low, however, I determined that this setting is accurate and perfect while aiming, shooting, and many more actions. You can make it as easy as per your need to make win the battle.

With High DPI:

I use to play with DPI between 1500-3000, so I don’t need to make large movements while playing. As, when I used DPI settings 3000, then I feel like that my gaming mouse is rapidly moving across the screen as soon as I touch it. Our team concluded after several experiments that this DPI setting is not recommended for shooting games.


Most of the Gaming Mouse come with adjustable DPI button options that drive the sensitivity of your mouse at the hardware level. The ideal DPI value is depended on the gamer’s choice and it’s a totally personal decision. Trial with it and choose the best DPI setting that suits you while enjoying your favorite games. Continue modification the software settings as per your game until you are able to hit the headshots again and again to conquer the royal arena. A gaming mouse with a higher DPI is basically not better but it might be purposed more advanced settings. Hope so this article about “What is DPI on a Gaming Mouse” will help you to increase your knowledge about DPI.

What is DPI on a Gaming Mouse

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