When to Change Gaming Mouse?

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“When to change Gaming Mouse”? A simple question often comes into your mind. This simple question has multiple answers for multiple reasons. So, we came back with a new helpful article to solve this problem that how and when to change gaming mouse.

A gaming mouse is playing a vital role for gamers in all kinds of games and the gaming mouse eventually works until the user stays fair with it. The Gaming mouse is generally manufactured to be very long-lasting. Although using the gaming mouse nonstop for long gaming sessions will not damage it. If you are a gamer and love to play long gaming sessions and you are playing games every single day round the clock then you must change your gaming mouse every 2 to 3 years.

There are many problems that happen in the wired or wireless mouse, some of them can be rectified but it all depends on your use. Some main problems are described below for your reference to change your gaming mouse:

When to Change Gaming Mouse?

When to Change Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse is one of the most important parts of a gaming setup. From the precision of the mouse to the ergonomics of the mouse to the weight of the mouse, the mouse is important to your gaming experience. And, as we all know, you don’t want to cheap out on your mouse. A cheap mouse from a no-name brand will often break down within a month of regular use and can cause you to make errors that can cost you a match. So when do you know it’s time to change your mouse? Here are a few things to look for that can tell you that it’s time for a new mouse.

When to Change Gaming Mouse? If you have been a long-time gamer or have been playing for a long time, then you have probably had to change the mouse. There are several signs that indicate that your mouse needs to change. First, the left or right mouse button will not respond as it should. The second sign is the mouse wheel is not working as it should. If you are going to change your mouse, then you should be sure to save the settings of your mouse. This way you can transfer the settings to the new mouse. Read More below to know the reasons to change a gaming mouse.

Reasons to Change a Gaming Mouse:

These are some reasons discussed below that can be forced you to change a gaming mouse. These problems can be fixed sometimes and to avoid the problem and increase the life span of your gaming mouse then you have to take care of your gaming mouse. These problems sometimes depend on the user’s uses, if they did not use a gaming mouse carefully and gently then a gaming mouse life span is short.

Cursor freeze:

One of the main issues is that the cursor stops working and freeze in the middle of the screen. If you are using a wired gaming mouse is probably a chance that it disconnecting consistently due to a damaged cable and the cable of your mouse could be out of order with the passage of time. If the cursor of your gaming mouse still not working after rebooting your computer or laptop, it might be an issue with the software or hardware of your computer or laptop. In several cases, after rebooting your computer or laptop the freezing cursor is released and starts working again.

Software Problem:

If you are still facing the issue of connectivity you can check the software of your gaming mouse. If the version of the software (Driver) is old then you must update it manually or automatically. By doing this, you can easily check the software of your mouse and resolve your issue. If the update is not available you can reinstall its driver or simply by updating by going to the manufactures official website of your gaming mouse.

Hardware Problem:

It is probably a chance that your gaming mouse has a hardware problem. For checking the hardware, check all the connected wires and ports thoroughly that are connected to your computer or laptop. Plug off your mouse and plugin again or change its port. There is a chance that the issue could be in bad wiring or a bad quality USB port.

Mouse Button is not working properly:

When to Change Gaming Mouse

The button of the mouse is a piece of hardware that is used for various purposes. It is mostly used for clicking or for scrolling. The main function of the mouse is to provide cursor movement control. The button of the mouse is also used for various purposes. There are many problems that occur in the wired or wireless mouse, some of them are fixable. Sometimes the mouse button is not working due to its internal problem.

Low sensitivity:

The mouse sensor is the part of the mouse that detects the motion of the mouse on the surface and to detect the movement of the mouse, the sensor should be clean and smooth. The worn-out sensor can be a result of clicking the mouse too much in which case the mouse may be old and needs to be changed or in some cases, you may have not cleaned the sensor area properly. Clicking the mouse too much will create a lot of dirt and dust in the sensor area which will make the mouse less sensitive to the surface.

The mouse is one of the most essential devices in any computer system. It is used to navigate the cursor in a computer’s graphical user interface (GUI). It also allows the user to select and interact with objects and features on the computer screen. While most modern mice are used as pointing devices and do not require a mouse pad, older mice with ball tracking can still use a mouse pad to improve accuracy.

Unusual Movements:

I was using the mouse on my laptop the cursor just start moving at the corner of the screen. I tried to move it then it moved back to the corner of the screen while the mouse is still. This happens if the mouse is not properly cleaned for a long time, after some time the dirt or dust settles down on the mouse pad or the surface where the mouse is used. We should clean the mouse and the mouse pad on a regular basis so that the mouse works properly and also its life is prolonged.

These problems may be fixable if they are not fixed after your efforts then it’s time to change a gaming mouse. Now, we tried to sum up all these problems and find some useful solutions to eradicate gaming mouse issues. By adopting these fixes your mouse life would be longer than ever before.

How to Take Care of Your Gaming Mouse?

If you are a gamer, then you must have a gaming mouse. And if you have a gaming mouse, then you must have to take care of it. Because if you don’t take care of your gaming mouse it will not be able to give you a good gaming experience. If you want to improve the game experience, then you should take care of your mouse. But how you can take care of your gaming mouse?  You need to know how to clean it. Yes, cleaning is not just for your keyboard, but also for your mouse. The reason is, cleaning your computer mouse will help to improve the gaming experience and increase its lifespan.

The first and foremost thing is the cleaning of mouse wire, just unplug the mouse wire from your PC and clean the dirt with a soft cloth or cotton. If the mouse is wireless then you have to clean the USB port of your PC and also clean the mouse pad.

To clean the mouse pad, just turn off the mouse pad and shower a little bit of water on it and shake it a little bit and dry it with a soft cloth. If there is dirt on the mouse pad then you can use a soft cloth to clean it. By using this way you can enhance your mouse life. Using a mouse pad and cleaning the mouse increases the life span of a gaming mouse.

When to Change Gaming Mouse


Gaming mice must be treated with care. They do not last long with careless users. The high-quality performance of the mouse makes it a bit pricey as compared to the ordinary mice which can be replaced as per the need.

It’s not easy to change a gaming mouse. There are so many reasons to change a gaming mouse. The mouse is compatible with the computer, the shape and size of the mouse suit the user, the buttons are easy to use, etc. But still, you have to change a gaming mouse. We hope this article will help you to know the reasons behind changing a gaming mouse and when to change Gaming Mouse. For more detail click here “How Long Does A Computer Mouse Last?”

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