Best way to hold a Mouse for Gaming 2022

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Yes!!! We know that you are looking for a write-up that would educate you on the best way to hold a mouse for gaming. If you know the best way to hold a mouse for gaming, this will help you when you are spending hours and hours on your Computers or Laptops, for gaming, or your other tasks. Two basic things are really important in gaming that can help you to win the game and these are quick thinking and speed.

The Gaming Mouse comes with different shapes, weights, sensors, DPI, and a lot of other features to fulfill your requirements and pleasure. Here we will discuss the main and most common ways to grip the Gaming Mouse.

There are three ways to grip the Gaming Mouse and these are described below:

  • Claw Grip
  • Palm Grip
  • Fingertip Grip

Claw Grip

Best way to hold a Mouse for Gaming

As its particular name defines that it’s all about claw shape grip because in this style hands work like a claw. When you are playing lengthy gaming sessions your grip must be as easy as you want and it should not be painful. In this grip style your wrist, elbow, and shoulder aren’t feeling too much stress. The position of fingers must be is in curved style as you are taking control of the buttons. The middle and index fingers are mostly used for tapping on the mouse buttons. Meanwhile, some gamers use index-ring finger arrangements. All in all, both arrangements provide similar results.

The gamers having long fingers or bigger palms are generally using the claw grip.  It helps them to eradicate any conflicts in their gaming performance. Gamers may feel more comfortable with fewer obstacles in the other 3 fingers while enjoying long sessions. If your mouse comes with programmable buttons, the claw grip may give you more confidence and self-determination to click other buttons. Your wrist should be feeling more relaxed as well with this grip style.

Palm Grip

Best way to hold a Mouse for Gaming

This is the most conventional and popular grip to hold the mouse among gaming lovers because it is most comfortable and convenient. Most gamers adopt this grip naturally. The palm is directly connected to the back of the gaming mouse and fingers are on top of the mouse without any elevation and covering the whole mouse. As in this position, the hand is completely laid on the mouse which makes it slightly incorrect and slow clicking. You may overcome this by practicing a lot. The pro gamers with this grip style get more satisfaction and can play long sessions.

Fingertip Grip

Best way to hold a Mouse for Gaming

In this style, you can move and click your gaming mouse with your fingertips.  At any time, with this grip style, your palm and wrist will not be connected with any surface. The sides of the Gaming Mouse also can hold with this Finger Tip gripping style. It is a very strategic style for pro gamers who are actively looking for an easy way to grip their gaming mouse.

It might be difficult to learn this grip style but once if you can go with this, you can be as easy as you looking for. This fingertip grip style has a low probability of aiming at your target and clicking. This style is perfect for low-weight versatile mice and it is recommended by FPS pro gamers. This grip puts some extra pressure on your wrist and you can feel strain or injuries with long gaming sessions.

Best way to hold a Mouse for Gaming

Ever before if you didn’t consider the Best way to hold a Mouse for Gaming, definitely you wasted your excessive time. Understanding and learning the basic and best way to hold a Mouse for Gaming is the principal key for taking part in computer video games easily and professionally. Most of the games required distinctive mouse grips. You can easily defeat your opponent in different games by handling your mouse accurately.

Appropriately holding the mouse is necessary for fast and accurate strikes in gaming. Holding the gaming mouse isn’t that complicated as you think. You have to learn and realize a couple of points for this. But before we move forward, it is important to reference that your regular pc mice can still perfectly works. If you realize that how to hold this ordinary mouse in several ways for a specific purpose.

However, you are using a gaming mouse but might be your fingers get stressed and tired due to the bad grip style to hold a gaming mouse. There is a wide range of different kinds of mouse grips styles are available on the internet that you can use to enhance your gaming capability. In this article, we will try to cover all possible aspects that how to hold a mouse for gaming?

You may be aware of the most favorite approaches to holding a gaming mouse and its benefits appropriately. So finalizing which one is the best possible grip style to hold a gaming mouse for you which can help you to become a pro gamer.

Best way to hold a Mouse for Gaming

The Position of the Gaming Mouse

Some of the gamers place their gaming mouse too away from the keyboard instead of placing close to the keyboard which results from shoulder and neck pain and stress. A mouse pad will surely help you to keep your mouse in a suitable position, in this way you can easily relocate your position very quickly. A 90°-degree angle for your elbow is best for playing long gaming sessions and it will enhance winning probability.

Use a gentle touch to hold a gaming mouse and click lightly. If you hold the mouse tightly and fitted then it will cause discomfort and injuries to your hand arm. At a point when you are not clicking mouse buttons, rest your fingers down on the mouse rather than keeping them in the air, so you can protect them from pain


Our professional team develops the final conclusion after doing several trials on the gaming mouse and presenting the Best way to hold a Mouse for Gaming. Every grip has featuring its own accessibility, velocity, and functional behavior. If you are a pro you are probably well aware of the grips and all other aspects of the gaming mouse. But it might be hectic for new gamers to choose the best gaming grip for them. You may try all the possible grips, which we have described in our article.

Additionally, it is important to get a break from time to time while playing. By taking a break your hand gets some relief from your gaming mouse. This break will get you prepared to get in the game back more efficiently, actively, and passionately.

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