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Cities Skylines- how to connect Power lines? As the water lines provide the sewage service and water wherever the players set them, power lines are harder and tuff to consider thanks to the way power functions.
The two first services players have to deliver in Cities Skylines are water and power. In Water Connections the players have to draw underground pipes across the landscape, and each of the buildings remains close enough to the pipes to get the water and remove sewage.
Yet, on the other side power works a bit differently.

By placing power lines nearby the players can be able to connect power stations and windmills, they don’t always have to. The reason is the buildings in Cities Skylines create their power connections, and so long as there are some additional powered buildings nearby then there is no need for a power line.

This capability will power a city more easily, but there is a possibility of leading to headaches as the players try to build in order new areas.

Cities Skylines- Connect Power Lines

Players keep in mind that each electricity source and powered building maintains a blue aura to cover much ground surrounding it when they choose Electricity in the build menu or when select the info view options.

If two buildings are too close enough for their auras to overlap, then the power can be transferred between both these buildings without any requirement for power lines. Such transfer can be possible across little gaps and wide roads, and the players can power a whole downtown district without using any single power line just by placing a coal power plant at one of the ends.

The Way to Place the Power Lines

There is no requirement for the players to utilize the power lines to electrify their cities, but still, they have a few good reasons to use connectors.

  • Pollution is the first reason in this case. Most power plants and industrial zones produce much pollution, and the players would like to have them as far away from the city areas or residential areas as possible. Pollution lowers the value of the property as well as makes people sick. So, players have to place the industrial areas far away from the city to avoid all these situations and since they still require power players can connect them utilizing the power lines.
  • Noise pollution is the second reason. Compared to regular pollution, noise pollution is less dangerous, but still can be a reason to lower property values and impact taxes. Well renewable power sources don’t produce any regular pollution, but they do generate this noise pollution and so they should still be set far away from residential areas.
  • The third reason is because they are cheap. Pylons cost 20 per cell and a basic road costs 50, so if anyone tries to make such connections then it will never be expensive.
  • How the power lines work is just simple. You just have to place one side end in a powered area, then you have to place the other end of the power line next to an unpowered building. This line will connect this second building to the power grid, and after that, this building can begin powering the other buildings nearby.
  • There is a problem or difficulty that the power lines can’t keep anything from getting in their way. Basic roads can be crossed by then so long as there are no pylons on the road itself, and to make it work players may be required to shorten or stretch the lines to get the pylons in the correct spots. The other objects, just like highways, are always on the way, but the players can be able to raise pylons to two full elevation units to go over them. Unlike the roads, yet, pylons can’t go underground.

FAQs To Connect Power Lines Cities Skylines

What is the Best and Right Way to Power Cities: Skylines?

Wind and solar are the best and most efficient to run and make no pollution, but have a higher initial payment or cost. Shortly, the cheapest process of increasing the power capacity of a city is coal and oil plants which produce or make a constant energy amount that is not affected by the weather.

How to Connect Outside Power in Cities Skylines 2?

Transformer stations can be used by the players to connect the high-voltage outside connection to the low-voltage lines. These low-voltage lines run under the streets and can import all their power, but if you try to do it, it will be much more expensive in the long run as compared to any other type of local power generation.

How Can You Start Working on Power Lines?

To become a power line repairer and installer, almost all employers need an apprenticeship. You as an apprentice, will be an employee who works well alongside an experienced power line installer. You can learn the important tasks and specific skills that you need for your good career just by working with them.

How to Check Line Power?

You have to set up a multimeter to measure voltage. You have to insert a probe into each slot and then you will read the line voltage measurement. Now, a properly functioning outlet provides a reading of 110 to 120 volts. If there you will find no reading, you have to check both the outlet and the wiring.


Hopefully, this article will help you a lot. You will understand about cities skylines and how to connect power lines, after reading this article carefully!

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