How to Connect BlueParrott B250-XT Headset?

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Are you worried about to connect BlueParrott B250-XT headset with your device? Don’t fret, you are in the right place to resolve your issue. Here we are going to mention a step-by-step guide to connect Blueparrot B250-XT. So, let’s get started…….

Step-by-Step Guideline to Connect the B250-XT to Phone

To connect Blueparrott B250-XT Headset,  you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, on your Blueparrot B250-XT, you have to press and hold down the multifunction button for two to three seconds in order to turn your headset off. On the headset, the multifunction button is the biggest of the three buttons.
  • After that, you have to hold down the multifunction button once again until you have to see the indicator lights alternate red and blue or you have heard the sounds “power on” and after that “discovering.” Then, you have to release the multifunction button just after you observe these alternating lights or you have heard these audio prompts in your headset.
  • Now on your phone, you have to allow or enable Bluetooth functionality. This procedure is extremely the exact whether you’re utilizing a device running iOS7 or Windows Phone 8, Android 5.
  • In these cases, on your phone you have to open the Settings app and then you have to touch Bluetooth in order to open the Bluetooth settings screen.
  • You need to toggle the Bluetooth switch to the On position in order to allow or enable Bluetooth functionality.
  • Now, you have to wait for your phone to find the B250-XT. It totally depends on your device, this procedure can take up to two minutes.
  • When your phone discovers or finds the B250-XT, it adds it on an available device’s list within range.
  • Next, you have to choose the B250-XT on available devices’s list. And you have to touch Pair and then the option “Yes”, if prompted. If here you are asked to enter or input a pairing code, you have to enter 0000.
  • When your phone and your headset are successfully paired, you’ll clearly hear the sound or audio prompt “the headset is now connected” by the B250-XT and the headset indicator light starts blinking blue. And the B250-XT occurs on a paired devices’s list on your phone.

Troubleshooting the Issues

If you’re facing any audio dropouts or experiencing the other connectivity issues between your phone and B250-XT, you just have to do a few basic troubleshooting processes to fix and diagnose the issue:

  • You have to ensure that your B250-XT is completely charged. Because a dead or low battery in your device prevents it from functioning rightly.
  • On you your phone, your B250-XT doesn’t occur on the available devices’ list, you have to toggle Bluetooth functionality off and then you will on it again in the Settings app of your phone. You have to restart your phone if the issue continues.
  • Each Bluetooth device maintain a maximum about 30 feet’s range. If you will try to connect your B250-XT to your phone outside of this 30 feet’ range then it will result in drop-outs. So, you have to keep your devices closer together if you are near this range’s limit.
  • Environmental interference can affect the Bluetooth signal quality.  If probable, you have to keep away from objects like microwaves, concrete walls, cordless phones and other devices that transmit wirelessly.


How to Connect BlueParrott to Computer?

To place your Headset into Pairing Mode by Voice, you have to activate headset voice recognition. For this, you have to press the Parrott Button or you can do it by pressing and holding the Volume Up button. Now, after the prompt, say “pair mode.” Your headset will enter pairing mode and will be available or visible for pairing to devices for about 120 seconds.

How to Reset BlueParrott B250-XT?

Resetting Your Blueparrott

First of all, you have to start with your headset in the ON position. After that, you have to push volume up and volume down buttons at the exact time just for 5-6 seconds. Now, you will hear a double-beep and a paired list will be reset. Then, you have to hold down the multifunction button to set your headset into pairing mode, and then you have to repair to your device.

How to Unfreeze Blueparrott Headset?

To unfreeze Blueparrott headset, you have to hold down your headset near your ear and then, you have to press and hold the Parrott Button and the Volume Down buttons together for about 6-10 seconds until you will observe two fast purple blinks on the MFB. Now, your headset Parrott Button is reset and the pairing memory is fully clear. Your headset will re-enter in pairing mode.


If you have Blueparrott headset and in need to connect it to your device, but you don’t know how to connect Blueparrott B250-XT headset then this article is just for you. You just have to follow the above-mentioned guideline to Connect it to your device.  Hopefully, this article will help you a lot!  

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