How To Pair Raycon Earbuds?

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Raycon earbuds are the best wireless headphones. They have amazing sound quality, comfort, and noise-canceling technology. A big thing about Raycon is that they have an app for your experience. Which personalizes your experience with them. Here we will cover how to pair Raycon earbuds with your phone or other devices.

Raycon Earbuds

Raycon earbuds are a pair of wireless earphones that cancel background noise while delivering high-quality sound. Raycon earbuds are a great gift for those hearing, who enjoys listening to music throughout the day, or who wants a pair of wireless earphones. They have all the features you expect from professional quality earbuds. one thing, about Raycon, is that they are small and compact so you can easily carry them with you for listening to music or others on the go. They’re extremely comfortable to wear, so, the users have no problem to while wearing them all day long without any discomfort.

The Raycon app

They come with an App. Which personalizes your experience with the earbuds. With the app, you can control all of the settings for your earbuds, changing volume, skipping tracks, and noise-canceling features. You can also use the app for calls with your earbuds, which is a great feature for those people who are always on the go.

How To Pair Raycon Earbuds

For pairing your Raycon earbuds with your phone or other devices.  You need to follow these steps:

  • First of all, make sure that your Raycon earbuds are fully charged.
  • Next, open the BLUETOOTH SETTING on your device.
  • Turn on your earbuds by pressing the POWER button for 2 seconds.  A blue light will start blinking.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is ON in your device’s settings.
  • Then open the Raycon app and go to the SETTING menu.
  • Select “PAIR NEW DEVICE.
  • The app will search for available Bluetooth devices find the Raycon earbuds, and select them.
  • Your earbuds will pair with your phone or another device, and you can start using them. Now enjoy your music with high-quality sound.

Charging OF Raycon Earbuds

The Raycon earbuds come in a charging case that charges the earbuds. To charge, place them in the charging case and connect the case to a USB port. When the earbuds are charging, the LED on the front of the charging case turns red and will turn green when it charges fully. Raycon earbuds take about 15-20 minutes to charge. But the Raycon battery case takes about 2 hours to fully charge from zero power.

If you want to check whether your batteries are running low, hold the power button on the earbuds for 2 seconds. If you want to turn OFF BLUETOOTH, hold the same button for about 5 seconds until you see a red light.

Features Of Raycon Earbuds

1: Amazing sound quality

These earbuds deliver sound by using the latest Bluetooth technology on par with some wired headphones. That makes your music joyful.

2: wearing comfort

This product is designed by a team of professional designers and engineers in product development. That means they know how to make high-quality products comfortable to wear all day.

3: Noise-cancelling technology

The Raycon earbuds feature active noise cancellation, which out the background noise so that you can focus on your music or conversation without any distractions. 

4: Secure fit

The Raycon earbuds’ hook design ensures that the earbuds stay in your ears.

5: Lightweight

The Raycon earbuds are lightweight, so you can carry them with you wherever you go.

6: Water resistance

Raycon earbuds are also completely waterproof, which is great news for those who want to listen to music in the shower or rain.


In this article, you learn how to pair Raycon earbuds with your phone and other device. Raycon earbuds connecting process is very simple and you will be able to do it in a few minutes if you follow the steps which are given in this article. We also mentioned connecting steps, features, and factors of this device. We hope this article will help you a lot.

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