How to Connect ILive SoundBar Bluetooth Without Remote?

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How to connect the ILive Soundbar Bluetooth without a remote? Are you looking for a way to do this? Of course, without a perfect connection, the standard performance of your iLive soundbar is not possible.
Well, there are some connections and ways available to set up an iLive soundbar or to connect a live sound bar Bluetooth without a remote. But we discussed here which is the best to help you with your iLive soundbar connection a lot. So, let’s try to Connect the IlivILivend bar Bluetooth without a remote!

Connect ILive Sound Bar Bluetooth Without Remote

Choose the Cables

  • You have to choose the cables to connect your iLive soundbar Bluetooth without a remote is a matter of choosing the right connection. Experts always suggest going with an HDMI connection because of the reasons that the cable can forward the highest quality audio and video. HDMI is also the easiest way to connect, this way just need one cable.
  • After HDMI, the next nearest choice for you will be digital optical cable. While just like HDMI cable, digital HDMI cable may not support ultra-high-quality content, it can be able to process digital content and it is compatible and consistent with 5.1.
  • The last option is to connect the live sound bar Bluetooth without a remote is the white and red cables of old, the analog choices before digital cables will be your last option. Since these cords are analog, so, they do not support the digital content greatly conditions of entertainment come in.

The Way to Connect Audio and Video Cables

  • If you are choosing HDMI, then the connection will be very easy with just one single cable. First of all, you just have to locate the HDMI “out” port which is placed on the back of your sound, bar, and the HDMI “in” port which is placed on your TV’s backside. Now, you have to plug each cable’s side into the suitable ports.
  • If you chose digital optical cables then the above procedure is identical to the digital optical cable. You have to find the optical “in” port on your soundbar and the optical “out” located on your TV. Then, you have to plug in each end side of the cable into the corresponding ports.
  • If you are choosing analog RCA cables for your iLive soundbar connection, it’s just a matter of connecting the exact colored analog RCA cables to the right ports. The white and red cables are for audio, and the yellow cable is for video. 

Use An Application to Connect the Sound Bar Without Using a Remote

You can handle a few soundbars with the help of an app. Some also include a voice assistant or Chromecast. You can be able to select the volume, music, and streaming service in just one smart app or with the use of your voice. Keep in mind that all of your devices are set up or connected in the exact smart home app, just as in Google Home.


How to Set Up an ILive Sound Bar?

You can connect your iLive sound bar by Soundbar it through cables or can connect it wirelessly. If you choose a wired connection, you have to use the ends of the cables in the right ports. As for Bluetooth, you have to put both devices into pairing mode and then, you have to wait for the connection to verify.

How do You Connect Your ILive Soundbar to a Vizio TV?

You can choose HDMI, analog, or digital optical connection to connect your iLive soundbar to a Vizio TV. Then, you have to discover the right ports and you have to insert the ends of the cables securely.

How to Connect Your ILive Soundbar to Your Bluetooth?

You have to set both your devices into pairing mode to connect your iLive sound bar to Bluetooth. You have to choose your sound bar from the list that is occurring on your external device. Now, you have to wait for the pairing to start and the connection to be verified.

Can You Use Your Phone As a Soundbar Remote?

You have to add your soundbar to the SmartThings app. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could handle the soundbar in your room from your kitchen or bedroom? If you have to register your device in the SmartThings app, then you can be able to use your smartphone to turn the soundbar off and on, you can also advertise the volume and modify the sound mode.


Hopefully, after reading this article you can be able now, to connect a live soundbar Bluetooth without a remote. You can use any way that is mentioned above. You can also use an app to connect your soundbar to your device without using a remote!

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