How to Connect Kindle to Hotel Wi-Fi?

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Are you trying to connect Kindle to Hotel Wi-Fi but in vain, because you don’t know how to connect it. So, don’t need to be worried if you are facing issues in connecting kindle to hotel Wi-Fi, we are going to mention somethings that will help you to connect your kindle to a hotel Wi-Fi. So, let’s get started……

Connect Kindle to Hotel Wi-Fi

  • To connect Kindle to hotel Wi-Fi, you have to follow these instructions:
  • First of all, you have to ensure that the network that you’re attempting to connect to is a Wi-Fi network and that it is not a cellular data network. Numerous hotels offer both choices, and you have to connect to a network of Wi-Fi to get online.
  • After ensuring that you have to take the next step, and this step is to ensure that you have the right password. You have to enter a password to connect Kindle to their Wi-Fi, and this password normally varies from the password that you have to use to access the internet at your home. If you don’t know about the right password, then you have to ask the front desk staff of the hotel for the correct password.
  • Still, you’re having issues connecting, there are some other things that you can try. First of all, you have to restart your Kindle. It can occasionally resolve the connection problems. If It not working, then you have to try connecting to the Wi-Fi network of the hotel by using another device, like your smartphone or a laptop.
  • IIfyou succeed in connecting with another device, it means that the problem is with your Kindle and not with the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. You can also contact Amazon customer service for further help. They will provide you with more troubleshooting directions or escalate the problem to someone who can help.

Reasons For Kindle Not Connect To Hotel Wi-Fi

  • There are a few things that may be the reasons why your Kindle might not be connecting to hotel Wi-Fi. One of these reasons could be that the Wi-Fi network is set to hide, and your Kindle can’t see it. The other reason could be that a captive portal is used by the hotel Wi-Fi network, and it instructs you to log in by using a username and a correct password.
  • By following these steps, you can be able to connect your Kindle Fire tablet to a public Wi-Fi network like a hotel network. By going to the home screen of your device you can access your Wireless settings. If you need to connect to a public network, you have to select its name. Then, you have to enter the password. After that, you have to tap Connect to make sure that your device is connected to the internet.
  • If you are unable to connect, you must check to see if the connection is functioning correctly. Soft reset or rebooting is the best way in this situation, for this, you have to charge your device fully, after charging you have to hold down the power switch for about 20 seconds. And that’s it!


How To Fix Internet Connection?

If you connect your device to a router or modem, you have to disable the power to the device and then you have to connect it again. If not working, you need to try unplugging everything from the back of the modem or router and then plugging it back in a few minutes.

How To Connect Kindle If your Wi-Fi?

Firstly, you have to ensure that you have a Wi-Fi connection and make sure that your Kindle is within the Hilton network’s range. After that, you have to follow these instructions: you have to go to the home screen on your Kindle and then you will choose the Menu icon. Then, you have to select Settings. Now, choose Wireless Networks. Next, you will select the Hilton network. Now, you have to enter the password for the Wi-Fi network and select the Connect option. And now, your Kindle will be connected to the Hilton Wi-Fi.

Can You Connect a Kindle to an iPhone Hotspot?

You have to go to Settings > Personal Hotspot, here you’ll observe a toggle that is called “Maximize Compatibility”. When you toggle it on, the Kindle can instantly notice the WiFi developed by an iPhone.

Can Kindle be Connected to Your Phone Hotspot?

Yes, you can connect Kindle to your phone hotspot. You have to go to the home screen to get access to the 3 dots that are located on the Kindle’s upper right-hand side- you have to select settings – then choose Wireless – you have to ensure that the hot spot of your phone is turned on – then you have to open Wi-Fi settings – if the phone not showing in the list hit RESCAN (on the lower right of your screen – you have to connect your phone.


Hopefully, you have got a lot of help from this article. Connecting Kindle to hotel Wi-Fi is straightforward, you just have to follow the above-mentioned instructions!

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