How to Connect Lofree Mouse Via Bluetooth?

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Are you struggling to find out how to connect Lofree Mouse via Bluetooth? You have purchased a lofree mouse and now you need to connect it. So, don’t need to be worried, you are in the right place. LOFREE Bluetooth Mouse helps multi-finger gestures and concurrent connection by double devices. This amazing mouse delivers a good, reasonable, and crispy feel with each click to make work a breeze.
Well, we have to go to get a fix to connect the lofree mouse via Bluetooth. So, let’s get started…..

Connect Lofree Mouse Via Bluetooth

To connect lofree mouse via Bluetooth, you have to follow these instructions:

Firstly, you have to press and hold the ‘Pairing’ button which is located on your mouse.
Keep in mind, extensively Bluetooth mice contain a pairing button and you have to press and hold this pairing button for a second to make your mouse discoverable and connected via Bluetooth. Generally, when you press and hold this button a light will blink if your mouse is in pairing mode.

The Process to Connect Lofree Bluetooth

Setting Up – Connect Multiple Devices!

Well, to pair device 1,  you have to hold down the keys “fn” and “1” until the indicator light starts blinking. Then, your keyboards should be detected by your device. After that, you have to press “fn” and the number corresponding to the device connected, to the switch, or between paired devices.

 Reset Bluetooth Mouse

To reset your wireless computer mouse, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, you have to turn off your wireless mouse.
  • Then, you have to hold down the left and right mouse buttons.
  • While you are holding down the mouse buttons, you will turn the mouse back on.
  • Now, after passing around 5 seconds, you have to release these mouse buttons. Then, you will notice an LED flash if it resets successfully.

Use Your Bluetooth Mouse On Your Android Phone

You can easily use a Bluetooth or wired mouse to guide an Android device, and the Android retains two accessibility characteristics and features to make it much more comfortable to use. You can be able to make your mouse cursor bigger, and you can also have the ability to manipulate the Dwell timing feature.


How to Connect a Wireless Mouse?

To connect a wireless mouse, you have to press and hold the ‘Pairing’ button placed on your mouse. Maximum Bluetooth mice carry a pairing button on them that you have to press and hold just for a second to make your wireless mouse discoverable through Bluetooth. Generally, you will see a light lashing when your mouse is in pairing mode.

How Can You Fix Your Bluetooth Mouse Not Connecting?

You have to come to the Bluetooth troubleshooting by selecting Start > Settings >Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Additional troubleshooters. Under Discover and Solve additional issues, you have to choose Bluetooth > Run the troubleshooter and then follow the instructions.

Can a Mouse Use the Bluetooth?

Dissimilar wireless mice that depend on utilizing the USB receivers, you can connect your Bluetooth mice directly to the built-in Bluetooth capabilities of your device. It will eliminate the necessity for extra hardware and rid up useful USB ports for other peripherals, streamlining your workspace.

Can You Use A Mobile As a Bluetooth Mouse?

Yes, you can use your Android device as your Bluetooth mouse or a Bluetooth keyboard. And you did not need to install anything on the connected device. It rightly functions for Windows laptops, Smart TVs, Chromebooks, Macs, and almost any platform you could connect with an ordinary Bluetooth mouse or keyboard.

Is the Lofree Mouse the Best Option for Gaming Purposes?

The Lofree OE909 is mainly developed and designed for general computer use,  but the mouse can be used for simple and casual gaming. Yet, the committed gaming mice may deliver additional specialized characteristics and features for gaming lovers.


Hopefully, you have got the right solution after reading this article. It will prove very helpful to you to connect the free mouse via Bluetooth. You have to read the above-mentioned instructions carefully!

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