How to Connect Nintendo 64 to Smart TV?

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Are you wondering about to connect Nintendo 64 to Smart TV?  If you are Nintendo fan and You’ve Nintendo and in need to connect to your smart TV but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t fret,  this article is just for you. Here is a complete guideline for all Nintendo fans. So, let’s dive in detail….

Connect Nintendo 64 to Smart TV

The old gaming consoles utilize a vastly opposite resolution from latest displays just as HD and Smart TVs. Well, the quality of the picture of latest AAA games is much better than those older gaming consoles, the retro gaming’ allure stays the exact. Following are a few options for you if you need to relive the sitting experience on your couch and playing N64 games all of the day.

A/V Straight to TV

  • If your smart TV has A/V ports, this approach is for you. Your N64 has an A/V composite cable with a multi-out connector and multi-colored plugs on different ends.
  • Locate the A/V jacks on the back or side of your smart TV.
  • Get your A/V cable and plug it into the jacks. Ensure that the color-coded plugs are connected to the corresponding A/V jacks on your TV.
  • Attach the other end of the A/V cable to your N64 console.
  • Turn on your N64 and let your smart TV process the signal. Some smart TVs may find it challenging to process your N64’s signal because it uses a 240p or 480i resolution, depending on the game you’re running. Newer TVs may show the “No Signal” message, so you’ll have to change the settings manually via remote control. Because of its simplicity, the A/V to TV approach is considered one of the most effective ways to connect the N64 or other older gaming consoles to TVs.

N64 to HDMI Converter

While connecting your N64 to a smart TV is possible, it can be laggy due to latency. Modern displays like smart TVs use a different signal than older cathode ray tube TVs (CTR). CRTs can display images and process signals from older console games faster than modern TVs, hence the lag or delay.

  • An external converter or adapter is your best bet if you want a smoother gaming experience while playing your N64 on a smart TV. It will less input lag and provide  your display much better ratios so the images don’t occur distorted or stretched.
  • External adapters utilize the now-standard HDMI connection in order to hook up your N64 to your smart TV. It retain a connector on one side that attaches to your N64 and a tiny box on the other side that connects to an HDMI cord.
  • You have to get your N64 to HDMI converter and then attach it to your N64.
  • You have to connect your HDMI cord to your converter and then you have to plug the other side into your smart TV.
  • Now,  you have to turn on your console and then have to wait for your TV to process the signal.
  • The external converter will provide you much better gaming experience thanks to its upscaled signal processing. Now,  you will see improved performance, graphics, and resolution on your TV or on your other latest display devices. The feature of plug-and-play also eliminates the requirement for tinkering with settings, letting you to enjoy your game instead of worrying or tense about tricky details.

A/V to HDMI Converter

If we talk about converters, there are a number of types to select from to support you maximize the experience of your retro gaming. An A/V to HDMI converter let’s the users to hook up his N64 to their smart TVs and other latest display devices. The A/V to HDMI converter is also plug-and-play in order to create setup a breeze. Follow are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, you have to get your N64 A/V cable and then attach this cord to the HDMI converter’s input side. You have to make sure that you have to align the color-coded plugs with the jacks.
  • After that, you have to attach one side of the HDMI cable to the output end of the adapter. Then,  you have to take the other end and then connect it to smart TV.
  • Now,  you have to plug the USB cord into a power supply such as an external power brick. You can also be able to utilize the USB port of your TV in order to power your converter.
  • Next,  you have to turn on your console and then wait for your TV to process for the signal of your console.
  • Such as the N64 HDMI converter, the A/V to HDMI adapter can upscale your N64 to make the graphics smoother and reduce the input lag associated with using A/V cables with modern displays. A/V to HDMI converters also work with other gaming consoles that use the A/V composite cable.


How to Connect an Old Nintendo to TV?

You have to hook up the NES Classic Edition to a TV or monitor. Then,  you have to connect the HDMI cord’s one end to an available HDMI port on your TV or on your monitor, and the other side to the HDMI port of your control deck’ back.

Will N64 Function on LCD TV?

The n64 functions on mates LCD TV no issue so the console and cords are functioning well.

Why the Nintendo Cannot Connect to Your TV?

If the Switch isn’t coming up on the screen of your TV, you have to plugged in the cless in the faulty order. Firstly, you have to connect the power adapter, just by followed by the HDMI cable. You have to try disconnecting, after reconnecting your cords following these steps: you have to remove your Nintendo Switch from the dock.


Hopefully, this article will help you a lot. Connecting your Nintendo 64 to your Smart TV is not to much tricky. The ways are available to make this connection between both your Nintendo 64 and Smart TV.  You just have to follow the above-mentioned guide carefully.

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