How To Factory Reset Sonos Amp?

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Do you want to factory reset your Sonos Amp? Are you trying to do that but in vain… don’t fret! Here is everything that you need to know to Factory Reset Sonos Amp. We are going to mention a detailed guideline about resetting your Factory Reset Sonos Amp, it will return your Sonos Amp to its real or original settings. So, let’s get started

Factory Reset Sonos Amp

Before starting the resetting Sonos AMP process, you must keep in mind that if you perform these actions then it will delete content, registration information, and music services from your device.

The way to Factory Reset Sonos Amp is closely similar to how to reset the Beam etc, as it also keeps a ‘connect’ button. Well, to factory reset Sonos Amp, you have to follow these steps

  • First of all, you have to unplug your Sonos Amp power cable from the electrical wall outlet.
  • After that, you have to tap and hold the Connect button and while holding the buttons, you have to plug the power cable back into the electrical wall outlet.
  • You have to keep holding this Connect button until the status light starts to flash white and amber.
  • If the status light starts to flash amber and white on the Status indicator, you have to release the Connect button.
  • Now, you have to wait till you see that the Greenlight starts flashing on the Status indicator. As it is done you will see the Green Light flashing on the indicator it means that your Sonos Amp is now reset to factory settings. And now you can try to set up again your Sonos Amp.
  • But if your Sonos Amp doesn’t reset and is still stuck to the orange and white light, then you will temporarily wire your Sonos unit or system to your router. Then, you have to check if now, you can observe your unit getting back to normal. If it is, then you have to try again to factory reset your device.
  • But, if it doesn’t help you then it means that the hardware fault or error is a big possibility because the flashing of such orange and white light could indicate or show a faulty or defaulted condition. Well, you can also contact Sonos support for more assistance.

FAQs Of Factory Reset Sonos Amp

How to Set up a New Sonos System With Connect?

Firstly, you have to open the Sonos application for Android or iOS. Then, you have to tap Set up a new system, and then sign in or create your Sonos account.
Now, you have to tap Add on the popup displayed on your Sonos product. If you are using the Sonos S1 Controller, you have to tap Continue > Set up products. Now, you have to follow the steps in the app to set up your Connect and add music services.

How to Add Connect to Your Existing Sonos System?

First of all, you have to open the Sonos app for Android or iOS. Now, you have to tap System > Add Product from the settings tab. Then, you will follow the steps in the application to connect Connect to your Sonos system.

How to Connect Sonos Amp to a New Wi-Fi?

After opening the Sonos app, you have to select Settings > System > Network > Wireless Set Up. It will guide you through the important steps. You have to enter your new WiFi password, as you enter the password, you will see a message that says that your Sonos player is now set up on your new WiFi network.

Is Sonos Connect Amp Still Supportive?

According to the news, Sonos has declared and announced that it will no longer be supportive or giving ongoing support to a few of its oldest items or products, just like the first-generation Play:5, the original Zone Players (ZP80, ZP90, ZP100, and ZP120), and Sonos Connect or Connect: Amp, the Sonos Bridge or CR200 controller, from May 2020.

Can the User Set Up Sonos Amp Without WiFi?

Not of the much robust fix, you could be able to configure AMP to play its Line-In automatically. You have to carry a travel router with you, it could be the best solution.


Factory Reset Sonos Amp is just simple. You just have to follow the above-mentioned instructions to Factory Reset Sonos Amp, to to it easily and properly.

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