Top 5 Cloud Storage apps for Android in 2021

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We always need to store some important files on the device. sometimes it happens your device may be lost or stolen and you have to forget about your data. so it’s necessary to keep all the important data in virtual storage to access from anywhere. where you can upload all the files and secure them. There is a lot of app available which provide cloud storage to upload your files on virtual space. Here I am going to share the 5 best cloud storage apps for android. so check the list for the top 5 cloud apps.


List for Top 5 Cloud Storage Apps for Android

1. Dropbox

Dropbox stores all your documents, videos, photo on the virtual disk. after uploading you can access all files from anywhere and any device. shortlist all your documents by creating folders and files. the app automatically syncs the device photos and videos from the phone and uploads them to cloud storage. you have to create an account to upload the files. once you create your account you can upload the all files on your account and access them from anywhere. you can drag and drop any file to upload it on your cloud storage. generate the link for files to share with people. the person also downloads the file from that link. Dropbox is available with free and premium versions. you can use according to your needs.

2. Google Drive

Google drive is the most trustable cloud storage app ever. Upload the files from local storage to cloud storage easily and manage all files from the app. you can save it for a lifetime to prevent loss.

Google drive is already inbuilt with android smartphones. the app is really easy to use. Access files from anywhere by signing with your google account. You can also share the file with your friends by link. you can download the file from a link from any device. you can also set the permission to view edit and download.  you will find any file from the search option. it gives 15 GB of Storage.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Onedrive provides 5GB of Free Cloud storage to keep all your data in virtual storage. where you can upload photos, documents, videos anything. all files can access from any device. you can upload all photos automatically to cloud storage. Share the photos, files, and videos directly from the app with other persons.

Microsoft also provides the option to create excel, word, presentation files from the account. set password protection for important files. you can also enable identity verification for personal files security.

4. Mega

The mega app gives you cloud storage with full encryption. no one can access all the data without your permission. you can upload all important files, videos, music, documents to store them safely. after you can use and delete it from anywhere. you can also access your account from your desktop. it gives you 20GB of free storage. also you can upgrade your storage with their paid plans. the app provides the video chat option to coordinate with your friends and family members.

5. Box

The box is the best cloud storage platform to secure and manage the files from 20 GB Storage. Preview option available to 200 files type such as Pdf, Docs, Excel, Presentation, etc, access all files from desktop, tablets, and another device from any location. access the files offline from the app. search any type of files using the file name. you can also secure any folder with password protection.

SO these are the top 5 cloud storage apps for android. These apps help you to get cloud storage for important files. Please share it with your friends and family to inspired write more articles for you. if have doubted you can ping us through a comment.