Top 5 Screen Recorder for Windows 10

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It is necessary to capture the screen when you share the issue related to the computer or making a guide or tutorial. if you are a gamer and want to live streaming your screen then you need screen recorder tools. There are a lot of screen recorders available to capture the computer screen. you might be confused about which is the best software?

Don’t worry Here I am going to share the best popular Screen Recorder for Windows 10. after learning about all software you can decide the best screen recording software.

List of 5 Screen Recorder for Windows 10

1. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the best Open-source software to Record the screen. the app is specially developed for live streaming and screen recording. where you can add multi scenes and easily switch one to another screen. Record your screen in real-time in high quality. remove the noise and improve the audio quality with an audio mixer. the tool is really easy to use. you can easily customize every option. there are various transitions available. you can apply these transitions while switching the scene. You can also create the shortcuts for Resume, Stop, Pause the Recording.

2. Camtasia

Camtasia is Video Recording and Video Editor Tool. You can record the entire screen or specific parts of the display. you don’t need any requirements to handle the software. it provides you prebuilt templates. you can select the templates and record the screen. you can also move, cut, and trim the video parts. Capture your face with a webcam in the video. you can also record the audio while screen recording.

There is tracks available in the Camtasia library. add 1000 different transitions between videos to make a high-performance video. replace the background with a green screen effect. There are also different features available such as Cursor FX, Device Frames, Interacting Quiz, Annotations, Animations, Themes, etc. you can improve the video using these features. Camtasia software price is around 299$ as onetime.

3. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen recorder is a Simple and easy-to-use Tool. You can Record the fixed area of the screen to create webinars, Tutorials, etc. after record the video you can edit the video using Cut, Move, Trim tools. you can also draw on video with drawing tools. Schedule the recording for a specific date and time to capture the moment. After Making a video you can save the video in different formats.


Icecream screen recorder is a very easy-to-use and simple tool that helps you to instantly record the display. you can select the part of the monitor to capture the moment.  There is a game mode available to capture the screen while playing a game. You can remove some video parts using cut and crop tools. While recording the screen you can resume or pause the recording. Highlight the cursor click while making the tutorial. add text, animations, and effects in the video for creating a perfect tutorial. speed up or slow down the video motion capture everything. after record the screen you can save it in different video formats for better resolution.

5. Screenrec

Screenrec uses to record screens through video and snapshots. you can also record the audio while screen recording. Just press the one button and select the area of the screen to record the video or taking a snapshot. you can select the video quality before start recording. create the shortcuts for instant capture of the screen.

So these are the top 5 best screen recorders for windows 10. I hope this post might help you to find the best screen recording tool. If you have any suggestions about this post. you can comment with your feedback below.