How to Connect Bosbos Bluetooth Speaker?

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Are you searching for a way to connect Bosbos Bluetooth Speaker? Well no fear, there is a way to connect it in minutes. As you connect via Bluetooth, it means you have access to a broad range of audio options.

Bosbos Bluetooth Speakers have amazing sound qualities and you are desiring to use your Bosbos Bluetooth speaker’s outstanding sound capabilities but don’t know about to Connect Bosbos Bluetooth Speaker? Well, don’t fret – you can make its connection possible in just a few simple steps.

Connect BosBos Bluetooth Speaker

In order to Connect Bosbos Bluetooth Speaker, firstly you have to discover the pairing button on the cables or neckpiece of the device. You have to Press the button until a flashing light seems; then you have to hold down the ‘Connect’ button placed on your speaker until it beeps.

Gather Materials

You have to loosen up and unplug the Bosbos Bluetooth speaker from the power supply. After that, you have to connect the gold-plated jack to the music player; it is consistent and compatible with almost any appliance that keeps a 3.5mm AUX port!

In order to start, you have to put three AAA batteries into the battery holder and then press firmly to seat the batteries securely. Later, just reinsert the unit again into its case – remember, to lock it properly once again!

Follow these Steps:

Step 1: Turn On the Device and Connect to Your Audio System

First of all, you have to make sure that your device is turned on correctly. After that, you have to connect the compact unit to the power source like a wall adaptor or into an available USB port. Then, you have to let it do its work and be attentive to any pop-up notifications!

As you have succeeded in connecting your newly obtained audio system, it’s time to develop a few tracks to test out the pre-installed playlist beforehand. It will enable you to determine potential problems like AUX connection problems and sound contortion before they arise!

Step 2: Bluetooth Profile Set up

In order to connect Bosbos Bluetooth Speaker, you have to follow this second step which is creating a Bluetooth profile. All appliances or devices must be connected to the exact network for them in order to share sound.

Well, to begin the pairing process, you have to launch Settings on your device. If prompted, then you have to enter ‘Remote control’ into the Application ID textbox and then you will click the option ‘Create’. Doing this will lead the users towards the relevant application for format purposes – either the  ‘Bluetooth Radio’ or the ‘Bosbo’. When you have come into or entered these details, you just have to follow the prompts delivered; all needed information should come readily available!

Step 3: Smartphone or Tablet Pairing

In order to pair the Bosbos, you just have to tap your tablet or smartphone on the Bluetooth button of your speaker. A sign will occur requesting permission for connection.

If, yet, it does not connect sufficiently – you have to take comfort in understanding that a restart normally fixes any connectivity problems!

You’ll see a full list of consistent appliances under ‘Connect With’ in the application when you are connecting to your Bosbos from your tablet or phone.

Step 4: Favorite Devices Connection

When the devices have been connected, you’re prepared to begin playing! Have to navigate by the menus on speakers and start relishing your dearest music content.

Such as, if you want to connect a device that does not support and defend Bluetooth, it will be tough and tricky – but don’t need to be worried! This issue can be fixed with comfort by using one of our handy workaround suggestions.

FAQs Of Connect Bosbos Bluetooth Speaker

What Is Mean By a Bluetooth Speaker?

It is a device that uses Bluetooth technology in order to connect with your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It processes as an audio basis in between talking and playing music – it is considered best and perfect for parties!

Why is Your Bluetooth Speaker Not Connecting?

This issue may happen because of reasons like your devices are out of range, or maybe devices aren’t in pairing mode. If you’re keeping constant Bluetooth connection issues, you have to try resetting your devices or keeping your tablet, phone, and laptop “forget” the connection.

How Do You Force Restart Your Bluetooth?

For this, you have to turn Bluetooth on and off: You have to select Start, then you will select Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices. After that, you have to turn off Bluetooth, wait for some seconds, then you will turn it back on. Next, you have to remove your Bluetooth device, and then add the device again: You have to Select Start, then select Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & additional appliances.


Hopefully, we’ve done the legwork for the users. What you need to do is just download the free Bosbos application, pair your device, and start listening. So, just have to follow the above-mentioned instructions and get the perfect solution.

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