How to Connect Hottips Bluetooth Earbuds?

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Are you struggling to connect Hottips Bluetooth Earbuds? But I won’t be able to succeed. You have purchased Hottips Bluetooth earbuds but don’t know about the process to connect them, Don’t worry you are on the right way. These earbuds are developed to be easy to fit, adjustable, and keep in the ear. The Hot Tips earbuds are simple to use and available to everyone.
Here is a quick guide to connecting Hottips Bluetooth Earbuds: On one of the Hottips Bluetooth earbuds, the LED indicator will start blinking red and blue, indicating that it is ready to connect to your Bluetooth device. Now, on your device, you have to open your Bluetooth wireless settings and then click the “HOTTIPS TWS” option when it occurs in the obtainable choices. Let’s dive into detail…

Connect Hottips Bluetooth Earbuds to Phone

  • To connect your earbuds to your phone, you have to follow these steps:
  • First of all, you have to locate your phone’s Settings app which can be set up or found in the Settings app.
  • On tapping them, you can access the connected devices.
  • Now, you have to tap on “ Pair new device” to pair a new device.
  • If you see that the earbuds aren’t in pairing mode (you have to see the manual from the owner to get instructions on how to do it ), try to make sure they are.
  • You can discover your earbuds under the available devices list if you tap on them.

Connect Hottips Bluetooth Earbuds to iPhone

To connect Hottips Bluetooth Earbuds to your iPhone, you have to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you have to ensure that the Bluetooth is turned on (settings, general), on your iPhone.
  • After finding your phone in discovery mode, you have to turn your Bluetooth device on and then you have to set it in discovery mode (normally you need to hold the power button for about 7-10 seconds).
  • Well, your iPhone will discover the device, and you will be provoked to enter the device’s PIN code number (usually 0-0-0-0). your, iPhone should connect with your device.

Factory Reset Bluetooth Earbuds

You have to follow the below-mentioned procedure to reset your earbuds:

  • First of all, you have to place your earbuds in the charging case and then leave the case lid open.
  • After that, you have to press & hold up the button that is located on the charging case for about 10+ seconds.
  • Then, you should observe a change in the charging case’s indicator light that implies a successful reset procedure.

Earbuds Not Pairing Issue

You should choose Unpair (or Forget, as it’s called on a few phones) from the Settings cog next to a paired appliance or device on your Android. You should recharge the battery. You will charge even if the batteries notify you they are still charged. You have to charge them completely before trying to pair them. Remember, you must have to ensure that both of your devices are compatible with each other.

Sync Bluetooth Earbuds

You have to press the headphones listed if you need them. On your Android device, you have to long-press the Bluetooth icon by dragging down the shade from its top. Now, the Bluetooth menu will seem to you, where you can be able to turn it on and can check out for devices instantly. Just by tapping their names, you can easily pair your now.


How Can You Fix Bluetooth wireless earbuds?

You have to try charging the earbuds. You have to remove and reconnect your device. You have to draw closer to your smartphone. You need to clean your earbuds that are not operating well. You need to check out the audio file if it’s incorrect or faulty. You have to update the OS software. You have to try resetting the Bluetooth setting.

How Can You Pair Your Bluetooth Earbuds?

You have to hold down the buttons until they start to blink red then blue, then you have to turn them on simultaneously. Now, you have to double press a button located on ONE earbud once both of the earbuds are blinking simultaneously. So, you can notify if it’s connected by your earbud.

How Can You Charge Hottips?

For this, you have to plug your cable’s USB-A end into a power source just like a Hottips® car or such as a wall charger or you can plug into any other USB power source (like a computer).
Then the power Bank will begin charging automatically and is charged when all four LED indicators placed on it light up. As done, it means now, your Hottips® Power Bank is fully ready for use.


Here a detailed guideline is mentioned on how to connect Bluetooth earbuds. Hopefully, you have got a lot of help from this article. Keep reading and get easeasy solutions!

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