How to Connect BrookStone Wireless Headphones to iPhone?

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Are you wondering about to connet Brookstone wireless headphones to iPhone? You have bought these amazing headphones and now you are in need to coonect them to your iPhone, well don’t fret, you are in the right place to get an easy way to connect your Brookstone to iPhone. Here we are going to discuess the way to make a connection between both. So, lets get started……

Connect BrookStone Wireless Headphones to iPhone

To Connect Brookstone wireless headphones to iPhone, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, you have to ensure that your Headphones are off before starting them to entering the pairing mode . The LED Indicator on both of the EARCUPS of your headphones will not be illuminated .
  • Now, to start the pairing procedure, you have to press and hold down the POWER Button located at the bottom of the right earcup for about 5 seconds or hod it until you will see the LED Indicators start to flash fast.
  • Now, you have to enable or allow the Bluetooth service on your mobile device and then you have to search or scan for the”BT-H31″ device . (You have to refer to the instruction manual of your mobile device, or you have to contact the manufacturer of the mobile device. if you have to require more information.)
  • After that, from the list, you have to choose the device “BT-H31” and then you have to enter the pairing key “0000”if prompted . Now, the mobile device will then finalize the pairing automatically .
  • If the pairing process is finished or completed, the LED Indicator placed on both earcups will stop to flash fast and they will revert to a slower flash to indicate that they has completed or finalize the pairing .

Keep in mind that the above-mentioned process is important just when you are using for the first time Bluetooth Headphones with your mobile device.  In order to use your Bluetooth Headphones with another mobile device, you have to repeat the above process. In order to use Bluetooth device, on your mobile device, you have to go to the Bluetooth menu and you have to select “BT-H31” to reconnect.


How to Put Wireless Headphones in Pairing Mode?

For an Easy Bluetooth Pairing
First of all, you have to  put your headphones in pairing mode. Normally,  to do that you just have to hold down the power button; the headphones sometimes require to be turned off firstly before starting the process. A number of pairs trigger a flashing light after some seconds to show the pairing mode is on, and a few times there’s also an audio cue.

How to Manually Add a Bluetooth Device?

To manually add a Bluetooth device, firstly you have to open the Settings app on your phone and then you have to tap Bluetooth (or Settings > Connections > Bluetooth). After that, you have to  ensure that the  Bluetooth is turned on (the button should be blue). Then, you have to check your Bluetooth device and ensure that it is turned on and in discovery mode. On your phone, you have to wait for it to show up under the  Available Devices.

Why Wont Your Headphones Work?

You have to check the Bluetooth settings
For this, the steps could vary depending on the Android device that you are using. You have to open Settings > Connections > Bluetooth. After that, you have to turn the Bluetooth switch to Off, or you have to unpair Bluetooth audio devices that have been connected to your phone already. You have to plug the headphones into the audio jack and then you will play something in order to check if they function.

Can You Connect Multiple Bluetooth Headphones to Your  iPhone?

Yes, the latest or modern iPhones allow their users connect to a number of Bluetooth speakers or headphones simultaneously through the AirPlay. The feature, which is called ‘Share Audio,’ was rolled out in 2019 with iOS 13.1, letting the iPhone users in order to share one audio stream between two pairs of your headphones or earbuds.


Hopefully, this article will help you a lot to resolve your issue. The way to connect Brookstoon wireless headphones to iPhone is just straightforward. You just have to follow the above-mentioned guide to connect your Brookstone wireless headphones to iPhone.

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