How to Connect Tmezon to WiFi?

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Most people are wondering about it and want to know about Connect Tmezon to WiFi. TMEZON Company is the best provider of professional and skilled security monitoring developments and products, services, solutions, and e-commerce.

Security camera/Video doorbell is the additional set of eyes and ears required to safeguard and protect your home. Well, to discuss how to Connect Tmezon to WiFi, we have to go into detail.

App Used By TMEZON

You’ll never know who and what is at your home door even when you’re out of your home. With the help of Home Security, you won’t have to leave your seat to check and inspect your front door. So, on your phone, you simply have to open the” Vicohome mobile app” fit the purpose to see who is stopping by.

Tmezon Camera URLs

To connect to your Tmezon IP camera, you have to try the following mentioned connection options in Agent DVR or iSpy:

The Tmezon cameras’s settings are built exactly into free surveillance software -well the inbuilt wizard will set up the Tmezon cameras automatically. Think of also connecting through ONVIF as Tmezon cameras may help and support ONVIF connections as well.

Download Free Tmezon Compatible Software

For video surveillance, the Ed Agent DVR is considered the supreme DIY solution. Because of the advanced and evolved AI capabilities and capacities, this man-free software is competent in tracking and detecting people, objects, and vehicles in real-time, delivering you with several security layers.

 It will be very easy to install and use for you, and it arrives with a user-friendly interface that functions on desktops, takes, and mobiles. With the help of Agent DVR, you can be able to manage and organize limitless cameras, customize your recordings, and set up alerts. It also helps remote access with no port forwarding instructed, so you can be able to monitor and survey your cameras from any place, anytime. With its class-leading powerful features.

Agent DVR is a necessary and must-have for someone who values and cares for their security and safety. So, you can download it to experience the peace of mind that docks with 24/7 AI-powered video surveillance.

Connect CCTV Camera to Phone Wi-Fi

Following are the steps to connect your security or CCTV Camera to WiFi on your Android:

  • First of all, you have to connect  DVR to your monitor directly
  • Now, you have to configure the settings of the CCTV DVR
  • Next, you have to configure the WiFi router for the DVR
  • After that, you have to connect the DVR to WiFi via a Lan cord or cable
  • Then, you have to check the settings
  • Now, you have to connect to your phone

CCTV Not Connecting Issues to Wi-Fi

Following will be the reasons for that:    

The software or the firmware is out-of-date. You never configure your newly purchased security camera’s wireless settings. There is another possibility that your router does not support the WiFi channel of your security camera. Your router’s channel is too crowded or overloaded.

Setup IP Camera

Adding an IP Camera to the Local Area Network

  • First of all, you have to connect the Camera to the Power and the Network Router
  • After that, you have to discover the IP Address of the camera
  • Now, you have to access the Web Interface of the camera
  • Next, you have to Log in to the Interface of the camera
  • Then, you have to configure the Network settings of the camera
  • After configuring, you have to Set up Audio and Video Settings
  • Then, you have to configure security features
  • Now, you have to test or try out the connection and then adjust the settings

FAQs Of Connect Tmezon to WiFi

What Application Does Tmezon Use?

You have to download the free APP “V380 Pro” from the APP Store or Google Play to enjoy the live view utilizing your smartphone, Android or iOS.

Can You Utilize Any Application for a Wi-Fi Security Camera?

Well, our answer is ” Yes”, if it comes to the operating system or functionality of a wifi camera. A Wi-Fi camera is organized to operate with any application or program that supports and defends the technologies used in the camera. So that, you can pass or access to live feed of the camera from any appliance with an internet connection.

Can You Watch CCTV Camera on Your Phone?

If you want to see your CCTV footage on your mobile phone, you have to required to download a specific application for your phone. For those who are iPhone users, there is another application iDVR-PRO app, and for those who are Android users, the HDView or TinyCam Monitor application, also there are OEM specifical apps that are functional on the app store for Android or iOS.

Can You Connect Your Security Camera to Your Phone Without WiFi?

If there is no WiFi then you have to use 4G cellular security cameras. If there is a 4G signal, it means you can have relaxation of mind that your property is secure and protected. 4G security cameras’s great benefit is that you can be able to view live streams remotely by them because of the reason that they can connect to your phone without using WiFi.


Hopefully, you have gotten the necessary information and everything that you need to know to use your Tmezon and connect your security camera to your door perfectly. So, read carefully and fix your issues!

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