How to Connect to Bluetooth in BMW?

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Is it curious for you to know How to Connect to Bluetooth in BMW? And did you know who was the first in the automobile industry to introduce mobile telephone systems using Bluetooth? It was just BMW.

Off course it is not an easy feat to become a vehicle-based Bluetooth technology market leader. But what will be if you need to connect to Bluetooth in a BMW car? But do you think is it possible? So our answer to you is yes, why not.

In a recent technological society, it is the norm to pair any Bluetooth device. It does not make a difference if you use an Android System Bluetooth device or an Apple Bluetooth device, or navigation system, or a wireless earpiece.

The Bluetooth connecting procedure varies from system to system and in this article, we will teach you how you can do it. Following is an easy step-by-step guideline to connect to Bluetooth in BMW….

Step By Step Process To Connect To Bluetooth in BMW

Firstly you must know that there are different ways or processes of connecting different devices. So, the following are various ways that you can use to connect to Bluetooth in BMW. 

Connect To Bluetooth In BMW For iOS

If you want to connect your iOS device to your BMW car you have to follow these steps:

  1. Firstly you have to go to the Settings
  2. Then you will click on Bluetooth and after that turn off Bluetooth. Now, you have to wait for a few minutes and then you will turn this back on.
  3. Here, you will rename the device if you have to need to connect multiple devices to your BMW. And to do it, you have to go to Settings, then you have to click on General, then click on About and after that, you will click on Name and type the name that you wish for your device and try pairing again. If you are prompted to do so then you should update the device.
  4. Must make sure that your BMW stereo is on the latest firmware. For additional information, you have to check out the manual of your car.

Connect to Bluetooth in BMW For Android Devices

To pair your Android device to a BMW car, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, you have to start the Bluetooth connecting process on the stereo of your car. Then the system will prompt you to fully do the setup process on the device.
  2. Now, on your Android phone, you have to go to the Settings menu and then you have to select Wireless & Networks. Here, make sure that your device’s Bluetooth antenna is turned on and for this, you will select in the submenu the Bluetooth Setting.
  3. After that on the next screen, you will see a list that is of the available Bluetooth devices nearby locate the device which you want in the list and simply select it.
  4. Now, you have to enter the pin, this pin will be prompted on the device and the pairing process will be done.

Bluetooth has been enhanced by BMW cars which opens up many advanced features. Your BMW models matter for enhanced Bluetooth features because all BMW cars did not have such features.

  1. First of all, you will start your BMW car normally.
  2. Now, two minutes after starting the BMW usually, you have to head to your device’s Bluetooth menu and then search for nearby devices.
  3. As you find BMW on the list, you will select it.
  4. After selecting it, there will be prompted a pairing code, then you will have to enter this pairing code. If your passkey is required to enter, then don’t worry you can get it written in the manual of your car.
  5. Now, you have to head on to your iDrive menu to check if the pairing process was successful.

BMW Bluetooth Audio Is Not Working Rightly

  1. Be sure your iDrive is settled to handle Bluetooth telephony from the device. 
  2. You can also look at a BMW Bluetooth pairing issue. The best step is switching off Bluetooth and then pairing Bluetooth again with your BMW.
  3. A connection conflict is going on that could be a reason for the problem.


Why Won’t Your Phone Connect to Bluetooth in BMW?

First of all, you need to make sure that Bluetooth is switched on in the mobile device. After that on the iDrive menu, you will navigate to “Communication.” After doing that, you’ll get an option to manage the connected or paired devices. You have to select to pair or add a new device simply.

Why Is Your BMW Not Pairing With Your Phone?

You have to quickly disable and enable the Bluetooth of your phone in order if you can’t be able to find out the Car Audio System in the list of Bluetooth devices on a smartphone (however, it is in pairing mode). It will refresh the list. Many smartphones have a Refresh function.

How Do You Find Your Bluetooth Device?

To use an Android device, you have to go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth, and then locate the device which you desire to locate in the paired devices list. If you see that your Bluetooth device has shown a ‘Find My’ feature, then you can be able to use it to search your device. When you activate this feature from your phone, it will make your device emit a sound.


We hope this article has covered your issue related to connecting to Bluetooth in BMW. Don’t be worried about connecting to Bluetooth in BMW, if you don’t know, how to connect it. Just follow the above simple step-by-step guideline….

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