How to Reset the Turtle Beach Headset? Right Now

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Do you want to reset the Turtle Beach Headset? When you play a nice game of Call of Duty, your Turtle Beach headset doesn’t produce any sound or respond to anything. ┬áThere are multiple solutions to these problems.

In this article, we’ll explain how to Reset the Turtle Beach headset and how to update or reconnect your headset.

How Do You Reset the Turtle Beach Headset?

When your Turtle Beach Headset does not respond to anything or shows a red light, your headset needs a hard reset. To Reset the Turtle Beach headset.

  • Press and hold the connect and mode buttons for 20 seconds. In this way, you restore the factory resitting on your headset. This solves most problems.
  • Then, turn on the headset again.
  • Now, check if you have solved your problem or still experiencing the same problem. If you are still facing the problem take the below steps.

1: Update your Headset

2: Reconnect your Headset

Update your Headset

Your headset has problems because it hasn’t been updated. Go through the following steps to update your Turtle Beach headset.

  • Download the Turtle Beach Audio Hub onto your device.
  • Connect your headphones to your device via a USB input.
  • Check the Turtle Beach Audio Hub for an update and install if available.

Check if you still experience the same problems with your headset after these steps.

Reconnect your Headset

Reconnecting your headset solves a lot of problems. Here, you read how to do this

  • Turn off your headset and your console or PC.
  • Reboot appliances and reconnect them.


After all, these steps that are mentioned above, you are knowing that how to Reset the Turtle Beach Headset, and now you can Reset the Turtle Beach Headset and get it working normally again. We hope this article will help you a lot in this case.

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