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Lorex Cloud app is popular for manage camera security. The app is available for android phones for now. there is no app available for windows and mac pc. if you are searching Lorex cloud for pc then you are at the right place. Here I am going to share how you can download and use Lorex cloud for Windows and Mac Computer. Just read till the end of this article.

Before Downloading Lets discuss some information about the Lorex app and its parameters. the app is developed by lorex securities to manage their devices easily. all their security pieces of equipment are very popular in advanced technology. the app controls your security for cameras and recordings.  It helps you to monitor all activity in one place. you can watch all cameras on one device.

Lorex cloud comes with a very easy setup and a simple interface. you can remotely all things for all cameras. It has advanced Motion sensors to detect every unusual activity and save it. You can watch all snapshots later which are detected by the sensor. if your cameras are built with pen till zoom facility. you can zoom from your phone and record it.

The app also crops and cut all videos and save it for future purpose. lorex cloud app also provides settings for camera configuration. you can change the video quality and also enable or disable audio recordings. you can take snapshots directly from the app. it sends you instant notifications while the camera detects some activity. you can monitor all live streaming from anywhere anytime. just make sure your all cameras must have connected with wifi. lorex cloud app organizes all video recording files with time and date which are detected by a motion sensor. you can quickly review all the things in less time.


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Lorex Cloud app Features

  • Monitor all cameras in one device
  • Control videos quality and audio recordings
  • Most advanced motion detection sensors track all unusual activity.
  • Record all activity and save it
  • PTZ available
  • take a snapshot from the video
  • Customize video with crop and cut facilities.
  • Watch Live Streaming from anywhere
  • Keep all record files in storage

As I already said to you before there is no official version available of lorex cloud for pc.  but you can use it through the android virtual system.  windows and mac pc does not come with android os. you have to install a virtual android operating system on pc. Android emulators help you to install any android app on the computer. There are so many android emulators available that help you to install any android app on pc. you can use Bluesstack, Nox player, Memu player, and other emulators.

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There is some requirement to install emulators on a computer. below are mentioned all the necessary things to install emulators on Windows and Mac.

  • 4GB RAM
  • 20 GB Hard disk Space
  • Latest Framework
  • Latest Driver
  • 2 cores x86/x86_64 Processor (Intel or AMD CPU)
  • WinXP SP3 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Lorex Cloud for PC 

Now let’s install the Lorex cloud for pc with step by step method. first, we discuss lorex cloud for windows then we will discuss for Mac pc.

Lorex Cloud For Windows 

  • Download and Install Lorex cloud app Using Bluestack Player

We will Use the Bluestack android emulator for windows 7/8/10.  Bluestack android emulator has a simple interface with a modern design. you can easily install and download without any technical knowledge. now let’s discuss the all steps for installation.

  1. Download Bluestack Emulator from the official Site.
  2. After downloaded, install the emulator with the standard installation method. wait till the process done.
  3. Now Open the Bluestack Player and login with your Google account.
  4. The Next Step is to open the Google play store and searches for the Lorex Cloud app
  5. Click on Download Button and it will automatically install the app.
  6. Once the installation process is done.
  7. Open the Lorex Cloud app and connect with your cameras.
  8. That’s it you have successfully installed the app.

If you got an error you can repeat the process again or update the drivers.

  • Download and Install Lorex cloud app Using Memu Emulator

You can also use Memu Player instead of Bluestack. This android emulator is also similar to the Bluestack player. it’s specially developed for android games and app. it has nearly 100+ million downloads Worldwide. You can download it from their official site. now let’s start the installation method.

  1. Download Memu emulator from their original site.
  2. Now install the app with the basic installation method. you simply need to press the next button. it will take some time and automatically installed on your pc.
  3. Launch the Memu Emulator from the desktop.
  4. Now find the google play store icon and double click on it.
  5. Tap in the search bar and type ‘Lorex Cloud’
  6. After Getting the Most appropriate app. click on it and press on install button.
  7. After Taking a Couple of seconds it will be installed automatically.
  8. Open The app and set up your cameras

Lorex Cloud For Mac

  • Download and Install Lorex cloud app Using LD Player

For Mac Computers We will Use LD Player. this emulator is specially developed to play the android game for pc. but you can install any android app. this emulator containing the Android 7.1 Nogut version. now start the installation process on mac with step by step method.

  1. Download LD Player from ldplayer.net
  2. After Downloaded, Install the emulator with basic installation. it will take some time for done the process.
    ld Player
  3. Now Open the ld player and find the search tab at the top section. you can also open Ld Store.
    Lorex Cloud for Mac
  4.  Now Search ‘Lorex Cloud’ in the search section
  5. Press on the install button and it will automatically be installed on your pc.
  6. Open the Lorex app and enjoy the live cameras on pc.

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  • Download and Install Lorex cloud app Using Nox Player

Nox Player is similar to LD player. it’s also designed for games and apps. Nox Player has the latest interface with easy navigation.

  1. Download Nox Player from the Official site.
  2. Now install it with the standard installation process. wait till it has done.
  3. after successfully installed, open it from the homepage.
  4. Sign in or create a google account in nox player. you can find this option in the setting menu.
  5. Open Google play store and search for the Lorex cloud app and find the best-matched result.
  6. after getting a real app, click on the install button, and downloading will automatically start.
  7. now wait till the installation process is done. it will take some seconds.
  8. here we go! you have successfully installed Lorex Cloud for pc.

These 4 methods are enough to get the Lorex cloud app on pc. you can also use another emulator according to your choice. now let’s discuss some pros and cons.

Pros and Cons


  • Manage Multi-camera with one device
  • Plackback features are good
  • Easily connect with any device
  • Store Recording Files
  • Streaming Quality is quite good
  • Remote Control is extremely nice.


  • It takes too much time to open. Sometimes it won’t able to access it.
  • Some time loses connection while watching live cameras.
  • Customer support is very poor
  • the app is crashed sometimes
  • Streaming is not good


1.How do I get Lorex cloud on my computer?

Lorex cloud can only be used through emulators. there is no official version available for computers.

2. Is Lorex cloud-free?

Lorex app is totally free. but lorex company equipments not free. you can buy from their official site.

3.Can you view Lorex cameras remotely?

Yes, simply you have to open your lorex cloud app and select the device that you want to connect. scan QR code that sticks on the device. after a successful connection, you are able to access Lorex cameras remotely.


Lorex Cloud for pc is used to watch the live streaming from CCTV cameras. you can connect all lorex cameras with lorex cloud app. Lorex app controls all activity and saves the recording in DVR. you can record all mysterious activity on your device. it helps you to take snapshots directly from the app.  you can watch all cameras in one place by sitting anywhere. Lorex app is available for android and ios smartphones. you can also get it on a computer through Emulatores. read this above content to install lorex cloud for pc. if you really love this article please share it on social media. if you still have an issue you can comment on the issue. we will give the best answer.

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