How to Connect ILive Soundbar to TV?

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If you’re looking for a way to Connect ILive Soundbar to TV, to put in a better sound to your experience of TV watching, you are in the right place. Soundbars will be a good way to enhance the audio of your TV without investing in a full-blown surround sound system.

But you want to use a Bluetooth sound bar, and you are wondering about how to connect it with your TV. In this article, we are going to discuss the process of connecting an iLive sound bar to your TV, very well.

The process to Connect ILive Soundbar to TV

  • You can connect the iLive sound bar to your TV in some different ways. Using an HDMI cable to connect it, is one of the most easy and ordinary ways. Another way is using an optical cable, you can connect I live sound bar to the TV by using an optical cable if your sound bar contains an optical input. The third way is using an AUX cable, you can also connect the live sound bar to the TV using an AUX cable.
  • Now, it is your own choice what connection type you require to use to connect an iLive speaker bar to a TV. Likewise, whether you keep a dual-purpose audio/video hub or a DVD player, the connection must be functional and active. Video and audio cables must be connected in the following way.

If the speaker bar defends it, the RCA audio cord contained with Aker is needed for connecting the sub-woofer. The satellite speakers should be connected to the internet connection by default if the speakers are wireless. If they are not paired properly, then you have to re-pair the speakers just by pressing and holding the Connect button that is placed on each speaker for one second.

Connect ILive Soundbar to TV Using HDMI Cable

Firstly, you have to look for the HDMI input slot on the back of your TV, this slot will be labeled as ARC (Audio Return Channel), or eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel). Now, you have to discover the TV OUT (ARC) slot located on the back panel bar. Next, you have to connect both of these slots with the help of the HDMI cable.

Connect ILive Sound Bar to TV Using Optical Cable

To connect I live sound bar to the TV by using an optical cable, first of all, you have to plug an optical digital cable’ on one side into the OPTICAL DIGITAL OUT port of your TV. After that, you have to plug the other end of the cable into your soundbar’s OPTICAL DIGITAL IN port. If the optical digital cord is connected already, you have to disconnect it and then you will reinsert it firmly.

FAQs Of Connect ILive Soundbar to TV

How Do You Connect to ILive Bluetooth?

Firstly, you have to power on and start to pair. For pairing, you have to hold the Power button for 9 seconds, until a voice declares that “Bluetooth is connecting” and the indicator starts blinking blue. When you are pairing, stay within at least 3 feet of the unit. To use the controls on your Bluetooth device, you have to choose ISB19 in the Bluetooth Settings to pair.

How Do You Connect Your Ilive to WIFI?

To connect your life to wifi, you have to press and hold the Pair (WPS) button that is located on the speaker. Then On your phone, you have to launch the iLive WiFi application and then you have to press “Add Device”. Now, you have to follow the on-screen prompts to connect your live speaker to your Wi-Fi network.

Does iLive have an Application?

You can take control with the iLive WiFi application. You can easily control your music from your smartphone or tablet to listen on your iLive Wi-Fi Speakers with the help of this easy-to-use application.

Is It Reasonable to Connect the Soundbar With Optical or HDMI?

Well, there is not much difference between the audio quality of both HDMI and Optical. It will be good and easy to use HDMI ARC to Connect ILive Soundbar to TV. But if you have an older device, then you have to use an optical connection rather than HDMI, it will be better.


You can Connect ILive Soundbar to TV, in different ways. It’s easy to connect it to your device, you can use HDMI cable or optical cable. Hopefully, the above-mentioned instructions will help you a lot to Connect ILive Soundbar to TV.

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