How to Connect JVC Bluetooth Headphones?

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Are you wondering how to Connect JVC Bluetooth Headphones? You have bought a pair of JVC Bluetooth headphones and now you want to Connect JVC Bluetooth Headphones to your device to get a seamless audio experience.

Bluetooth technology lets users wirelessly Connect JVC Bluetooth Headphones to their computer, smartphone, or tablets giving them wit freedom to move around without facing any hassle of disturbing tangled wires. Well, here is a complete guideline on how to Connect JVC Bluetooth Headphones. So, let’s get started|

Connect JVC Bluetooth Headphones

To Connect JVC Bluetooth Headphones to your device, you have to follow these steps

Prepare Your JVC Bluetooth Headphones

First of all, you have to ensure that your JVC Bluetooth headphones are powered on and they are in pairing mode. For pairing mode, you have to locate the power button on your headphones, normally it is located on one of the ear cups.

After locating the power button, you have to Press and hold this button until you observe a flashing LED light or you will hear an audible message or notification. It shows that now your JVC headphones are discoverable by your other devices.

Enable Bluetooth on the Device

Now, you have to check if Bluetooth is enabled on your device or not. If not, then you have to enable Bluetooth on your device. You have to swipe down from the screen’s top to reveal a quick settings menu to get access to the Bluetooth settings for most tablets and phones. Now, you have to search for the Bluetooth icon and then you have to tap on it to enable or allow Bluetooth.

On a computer, you can usually get the Bluetooth settings in the control panel or system preferences.

Pair Your Devices

After Bluetooth is enabled on the device, it will instantly look for nearby Bluetooth devices. Then, you have to search for your best JVC headphones names in the available devices list. The name of your headphones depends on your headphones’ model. You have to click on the name to initiate the pairing procedure.

Enter a Passcode or a PIN

To complete this pairing procedure, you have to enter a passcode or a PIN in some cases. The passcode or PIN is normally a four-digit number, usually, it is 0000 or 1234. So, you have to refer to your JVC headphones’ user manual for this specific password or PIN code, if needed. You have to enter the PIN on the device as prompted, and the pairing procedure should be finalized.

Check the Connection

After completing the pairing process, now you have to test the connection between your JVC headphones and your device. For this, you can play a song or video on your device, and if the pairing procedure is right then this song should be heard by your headphones.

If you face any problem, you have to try to adjust the volume on both your headphones and device. You have to make sure that they are not muted or that they are not set to a low volume.

Tips to Enhance Your Experience With JVC Bluetooth Headphones

For this, you have to consider downloading the JVC Bluetooth Manager application, if it is available for your specific headphones’ model. You can get additional features by using this app, like battery level indicator, customizable EQ settings, and firmware updates.

If you are facing any connectivity problems, then, you have to try to move closer to your device or try to clear any obstructions that may be the reason for interference with the Bluetooth signal.

Moreover, you should remember that Bluetooth technology functions within just a limited range, so you have to make sure that you stay within this suggested range or distance that is specified by the manufacturer.

FAQs to Connect JVC Bluetooth Headphones

How to Reset Your JVC Wireless Headphones?

During charging your headphones, the indicators located on your headphones will light up. You have to Press and hold the button placed on the L headphones for just 15 seconds. After you press and hold for about 10 seconds, the indicator on your headphones will flash once. You have to continue to press for more than 5 seconds until you see this indicator flash once again, after that, you have to release your finger.

How Can You Pair Your JVC HA a7t Wireless Headphones?

First of all, you have to turn off the Bluetooth settings of your other devices and you have to enable pairing mode with the desired device. For the users of Android smartphones, they have to configure “Phone” and “Media sound” to ON in the “Connections” settings. Then, you have to turn on the Bluetoith device, you have to enable its Bluetooth function and then you will choose the System from the list of Bluetooth devices.

Why are Your JVCHeadphones Not Connecting to Bluetooth?

When you are pairing, you have to ensure that your Bluetooth device is within 1 m of the System. You have to turn on the Bluetooth device and also enable the pairing mode. You have to delete the pairing information on the list of Bluetooth devices and then do the pairing again. You have to perform operations after setting the connected device’s Bluetooth functions to OFF and then you have to ON again.

Does JVC have an App?

Yes, JVC has an app, you can download the JVC Smartphone Control application from Google Play.


You can get a hassle-free and wireless audio experience just Connect JVC Bluetooth Headphones to your device. You can Connect JVC Bluetooth Headphones easily just by following the above-mentioned steps. The way to Connect JVC Bluetooth Headphones is just straightforward!

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