How to Connect Lbastek Bluetooth Speaker?

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Are you looking for a way to Connect Lbastek Bluetooth Speaker, then you are on the right way to get your search. As in this article, all instructions about your Ibastek speakers are available for you!

Ibastek are portable Bluetooth Speaker with Subwoofers, Wireless Speakers with Booming Bass, EQ, FM Radio, 10H Playtime, RGB Lights, Stereo Sound, and 30W Loud Speaker for Home, Outdoor, Travel, Camping, Party.

So, without wasting time let’s go towards the instructions about how to Connect Lbastek Bluetooth Speaker.

The process to Connect Lbastek Bluetooth Speaker

First, you have to turn on your hand’s free device. Then you have to discover “connectivity” in the settings on your phone. Then find “Bluetooth link” and then “hands-free”. Now you have to turn on Bluetooth.

Look before you begin operating your Canz speaker, you have to fully charge its built-in battery. Next, you have to simplify Bluetooth on your smartphone or your additional device. You have to ensure that the PAIR light which is located on the front of the speaker is flashing rapidly.

If this does not happen, then you have to press and hold the PAIR switch until the speaker starts to beep. Moreover, to resolve this issue over your phone in just a minute or two, a 6ya expert can help.

Ibastek Bluetooth Speakers Pairing

To pair your ibastek speakers you have to turn on your hand’s free device. Then you have to discover “connectivity” in the settings on your phone. After that,b”Bluetooth link”. Next, “hands-free”. Now, you have to turn on Bluetooth and look for appliances or devices. Well, pair from there.

Ibastek Speakers Not Working Issue

If your Ibastek Spearkers are not working then it means there is a battery issue or a charging issue. So, you have to test your AC adapter with a multimeter for reasonable and useful voltage.

After that, you have to check your charging port for any scrap, debris, bent or broken pins, or if there is any other crack and damage. But if everything is all right and you find no damage then it means you have to change the battery.

Changing Ibastek Speakers

If you don’t understand about charging your ibastek speakers then here is a solution for you. For this, you have to look at the speaker’s bottom or back side, and you have to search for a group of ridiculous-looking letters or numbers. When you find them, you have to look for something that says the Model Number like (XXXX).

After finding it, you have to go to Google and then you will type “iBastek (Model Number) manual pdf”. When you type this, you will get a manual for that same product modal. So, just look through this manual to see how to charge it.

How Long Does the Battery of the Ibastek Speaker Last?

Battery timing always depends on the product’s type, commonness of use, and last but not least. You should ensure that you use brand-new batteries for your Supersonic outcomes or products. For a particular model, you must guide to the development specs which can be established on the website.

How Do You Connect Your USB Bluetooth Speaker?

Following are the methods to Set up Your Bluetooth Dongle on Windows

First of all, you have to insert the Bluetooth dongle into the USB port of your computer. Then, you have to open the Device Manager and Bluetooth will occur. After that, you have to go to “Settings”, then you will click on “Bluetooth and click on other devices”. Now, you have to choose the option of “Add Bluetooth or another device”. Next, you have to select the device of your option and simply pair up!

Can You Use a USB Speaker With Your Mobile Phone?

Yes, by utilizing your iPhone or smartphone, you can choose/play music files on a device that is connected to the USB A port ( A) of your speaker. The design and the specification of the app may transform without announcement. So, you have to connect the device to the USB A port ( A) of your speaker.

How to Your Bluetooth Speaker Functions?

Radio waves are used by Bluetooth technology, a sort of electromagnetic wave, to communicate data. It is practically a two-way radio communication system. The transmitting appliance or device such as your mobile phone, transmits audio data to the receiver of the Bluetooth in your wireless speaker by using such waves.


Ibastek Speakers are good to use but they are useless for you if you don’t know how to Connect Lbastek Bluetooth Speaker.  But hopefully, this article has fixed your problem related to connecting them. So, you just have to follow the above-mentioned instructions carefully to get rid of any issue!

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